Montague Township, Ontario, Canada
Settlement and History

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

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Distribution of Catholic Irish, Protestant Irish and Non-Irish Household Heads, Montague Townhip, 1861 Graph Source: Lanark Legacy: Nineteenth Century Glimpses of an Ontario County, by Howard Morton Brown and Glenn J. Lockwood, 1984, ISBN 0-9690289-2-X, page 123 Montague Ethnic Distribution 1861

December 12, 2008: The book, Montague - A Social History Of An Irish Ontario Township, 1783-1980 (ISBN: 0969028911 / 0-9690289-1-1) by Lockwood, Glenn J., is the best background reference work regarding historical Montague Township.
Montague Township, Ontario, Canada
Below is a map (c. 1879) of the southern portion of Montague Township. This part of the township borders on the Rideau River and includes part of the Town of Smiths Falls, the locks at Kilmarnock, the village of Roseville, part of the village of Merrickville and Andrewsville. Just off the map, to the north of Smiths Falls is the village of Numogate. See posting dated May 14,2010, below, for information about the naming of Numogate.
Source for Map and List of Names: McGill University Digital Atlas Project Map of Montague Township, Ontario, Canada, in 1879
Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record Burchill John Lanark Montague Farmer Ireland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chambers John McGill Lanark Montague Justice of Grenville Co., Ontario, Canada the Peace -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clark Peter Lanark Montague Farmer; Scotland Stock Raiser -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colborne Alexander Lanark Montague Farmer Wexford Co., Ireland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cook Benjamin Lanark Montague Andrewsville Cook & Thomas Miller; Proprietor of Shingle Factory, Andrewsville Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Davis John B. Lanark Montague Farmer Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Derrick Augustus Lanark Montague General Farmer Lanark Co., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Empey W.F. Lanark Montague Smith's Falls Proprietor, Drummond Centre Cheese Factory Stormont Co., Ontario, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ferguson James Lanark Montague Farmer; Stock Raiser; member Township Council Lanark Co., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ferguson John Lanark Montague General Insurance Agent, Victoria Mutual Fire Insurance Co. for Montague Township; Clerk of Tp. Lanark Co., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ferguson John Lanark Montague Farmer Scotland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fraser H.A. Lanark Montague Andrewsville Wool Carder and Cloth Dresser, Andrewsville Lanark Co., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Garrett Wilson Lanark Montague Smith's Falls Bakery and Confectionary Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hall F.A. Lanark Montague Barrister-at-law, High Scool Trustee, Perth Perth Co., Ontario, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hall F.A. Lanark Montague Perth Barrister-at-law, High Scool Trustee, Perth Perth Co., Ontario, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- James Henry Lanark Montague Farmer Lanark Co., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jones Peter Lanark Montague Farmer Ireland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jones William Lanark Montague Farmer Lanark Co., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knapp John S. Lanark Montague Farmer Lanark Co., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kyle P. Lanark Montague Merrickville Proprietor, Malleable Iron Works, Merrickville Ireland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Livingstone Robert Lanark Montague Farmer; Township Councillor Ireland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long Matthew Lanark Montague Farmer Lanark Co., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- McCrea John Jr. Lanark Montague -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- McCrea Ninian Lanark Montague -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- McCrea Sylvester Lanark Montague -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Milliken John Lanark Montague Farmer Ireland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newman Thomas Lanark Montague Farmer Devonshire, England -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poole John V. Lanark Montague Farmer; Township Councillor Lanark Co., Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shields John Lanark Montague Farmer; Stock Raiser; Justice of the Peace for Lanark Co. Scotland
February 12, 2010: HELLO I am researching my paternal grandmother's Burgess line. William Burgess born ca 1809 Ireland and his mother Jane Burgess b 1772. William married Jane Taylor b 1821 Ireland. Among their many children was my g grandfather Nathaniel Burgess b Ontario 1848. According to any info I have been able to gather all of their children beginning in 1835 with William and Eliza b 1843 were all born in Montague. Nathaniel and his wife settled in Carleton Place. I'm probably reaching for straws but if you have anything that would help my research it would certainly be appreciated. thanks so much Jean Purcell
April 5, 2010: Dear Jean and Al, Thanks for all you do! I don't know William Burgess or his family personally, Jean, but I thought of Granny's Genealogy Garden if you have not already looked at it. (I found it doing research for my relatives who were also in Montague in 1849.) Unfortunately the 1851 census for Montague did not completely survive (I understand) but I found your family in the 1861 census. In case you do not already have this info, I paste it here for you with the link for it in Granny's Genealogy Garden. 1861 CENSUS MONTAGUE TOWNSHIP LANARK COUNTY, ONTARIO, CANADA AS OF 14 JANUARY 1861 AGE IS NEXT BIRTHDAY PAGE 1 OF 9 BURGESS Jane Ire CE 89 Widow William Ire CE 52 Farmer: C 6 L 11 Jane Ire CE 40 Eliza Ont CE 18 Daniel Ont CE 16 Labourer Anna Ont CE 14 Nathaniel Ont CE 13 Jane Ont CE 12 Joseph Ont CE 12 John Ont CE 8 Elizabeth A. Ont CE 6 Thomas Ont CE 4 Sarah Ont CE 3 You can find more old Lanark and Carleton Records at: As well there are two individuals there who are researching the same Burgess line. (Farr Family and Scott Family) One has no info about Nathaniel but the other has material listed for his spouse and children. She also has some of the spouses whom these children married and their children and has saved many records to her tree for them. If you are interested I will contact her and ask her if she would contact you. Or conversely I could write her and ask her to contact you. I hope that helps a little. I know how hard it is finding elusive Irish relatives. Sincerely, ... Colleen McElroy
May 14, 2010:
Numogate is a hamlet in Montague Township. Here's todays' question: What is the origin of the name "Numogate"? Numogate, Ontario, Canada Michael Dawber has the answer below on page 54 of his book, Where the Heck is Balaheck: Numogate, Ontario, Canada

September 11, 2010:
The James Leach Farm in Montague Township, 1902 Picture Source: Lanark Legacy by Harold Morton Brown, page 119
The James Leach Farm in Montague Township, Ontario, Canada in 1902

July 23, 2012: I am looking for information on my 3 x great grandparents: Herbert Stafford Cox born 25 May 1832 in Montague township (son of Joseph Cox and Rosannah Stafford). - the below record shows him as Albert - perhaps a mis-interpretation of his name? Montague Twp, Lanark, Ontario, Canada source- Lanark, Methodist Baptisms 1824 - 1843: Cox, Albert son of Joseph and Rosanna born Montague 25 May 1832, baptized 1 July 1832 I am really looking for information about his wife Jane Little - b abt 1833 in ? Ireland, who Herbert married on 7 May 1852 in Montague. ... would you have this marriage record on file? I am unsure of who Jane Little's parents are ( George and Ann?)... or if she had siblings. and any of Herbert and Jane children's birth/baptism info would also be most helpful to me. I thank you very much for your time. ... Cindy ___________________________ Thank you so much for responding so quickly! Yes, You may definetly add my inquiry to your web page. I will add that Herbert and Jane Cox's daughter Naomi Jane Cox married Duncan McLaren (my 2x great grand parents); Duncan and Naomi McLaren's daughter, Ethel Jane McLaren married Arthur M Culbertson ( my great grand parents) *all lived in Lanark County; Ethel and Arthur Culbertson's (who met and married in Deloriane, Manitoba) daughter Mabel Gertrude Culbertson married Gordon C Brown. Thanks, Cynthia _________________ Note: Jean Purcell has already sent some information to Cynthia. Thanks Jean! ... Al
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