Montcerf / Maniwaki History and Genealogy
(Quebec, Canada)

I have been off-line due to computer problems. I gathered some info from
the cemetery in Montcerf, Quebec, just north of Maniwaki. I am
forwarding it with the hope that it will help some people with their
Darlene Lannigan

William J O'Connor
1894 - 1963 .

Julia McConnery wife of William P O'Conners
died Feb. 24, 1898 aged 34 yrs, 5 mos. and 22 days

William P  O'Connor 
1865 - 1923
his wife Annie McGee
1877 - 1948 ;
James 1900 - 1952

Lucy M. M. O'Conners
died Sept. 13, 1905 aged 16 yrs., 2m's, 23 days

Mamie Daly
1891 - 1920
wife of Patrick McElroy 1871 - 1964

Joseph McCrank

Mour McCrank
1854 - 1939
wife of Richard Daly

Redmond Daly
1875 - 1922

James T Daly
died Oct. 17, 1892   aged 20 yrs. and 6 mos.

In memory of Provin Danis
Born April 29, 1896
Died Nov. 13, 1956
Husband of Catherine Downey
Born June 27, 1899
Died Oct. 5, 1985

see Danis

Moses O'Leary
died March ( or May) 16, 1804, aged 67 yrs.

Daniel McConnery
1895 (or could be 1896) - 1960
Husband of Veronica O'Connor
1905 - 1977

Martin newborn 1936

1938 - 1964

In loving memory of 
John McConnery
Died Jan. 11, 1918   aged 35 yrs

John McConnery Sr.
Died May 27 / 33   Age 76
His wife Florence Killeen
Died June 17 / 45     Age 88

In memory of James B. McGee
Died Aug. 3, 1908   aged 70 yrs.
May his soul rest in peace, amen.

Maggie McGee 
1887 - 1950

Matthew McGee
1872 - 1949
husband of Bridgit Kelly 1884 - 1972

Emanuel McGee
1913 - 1943

Edward McGee
1919 - 1920

Bertel M McGee
1926 - 1974
 his wife Estelle Pelletier   1929 - 

James R McGee
Died Aug. 3, 1914 aged 72 yrs.
Also his wife Elizabeth Gallaher / Gallagher
Died Oct. 20, 1928   aged 82 yrs.

Daniel McGee
Died June 8, 1913     Aged 33 yrs.

1909 Anthony Joseph 1982
husband of 
1914 Anna Pierce 2000

St. Jacques
Ronald St. Jacques    
1908 - 1965

husband second wedding: Bridgit Lannigan 1903 - 1983

husband first wedding : Mary Kelly 1915 - 1944

October 17, 2001 Hello, I am searching for records for Patrick Milmore and wife Theresa Muldool. I know they resided in Montcerf in the mid to late 1800's and Immigrated from Ireland to Canada. Would it be possible for you to find out if they are registered at local archives. My Grandparents used to caretake the Brascoupe Desert Lake lodge from mid forties til my uncle Retired 3 years ago. Arnold Riendeau
December 18, 2002: Hi. My name is Debby Donovan. I am researching family roots and have access to my grandmother's baptism certificate with the following details: Born March 2, 1911, Maniwaki Diocese of Mount-Laurier, Assumption Parish Baptized on 6th of March, 1911 by the rev. ?? Robert. Father: Eusebe Nault Mother: Mary McElroy Godfather: Nelson Nault Godmother: Albertine Nault Would you be able to point me in the right direction to trace the above people's family? Thanks much.
January 7, 2002:
McGEE Thanks to Darlene Lannigan for this great contribution!
Note: There are many family connections between the communities of Maniwaki and South Gloucester. In the 1850's, Father Deleage "enticed" many families from his parish at South Gloucester to settle in his new parish at Maniwaki. This was the time when the Kitigan Zibi Reserve (Algonquin Nation) was created at the intersection of the Gatineau and River Desert Rivers at Maniwaki. ... Al This information was gathered at the Archives in Montcerf, Montcerf,Quebec 1. Repertoire des mariages de Cochrane La r@eacute;gion avoisinante 1883-1981 Publication numero 68 (1985) compilateur: Julien Hamelin, S.C. Par: le centre de genealogie S. C. 240 Ave. Daly Ottawa, Ont., J1N 6G2 (Translation:Marriages of Cochrane, Ontario and surrounding region 1883-1981) page 242 Frederic McGee (James and Elisabeth Gallagher of Maniwaki, Quebec) married Olive Rumley (Thomas and Mary Hills of Haileybury, Ontario) on July 2, 1918, at Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario. ________________________________________________ ________ 2. Repertoire des mariages de la Cathedrale d'Ottawa Notre Dame d'Ottawa 1827-1980 Volume L to Z Repertoire #38 (1983) Impression: A. Houle, S.C. Par: le centre de genealogie S. C. 240 Ave. Daly Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6G2 (Translation: Marriages at Notre Dame Church, Ottawa, Ontario) page 573 John McGee (parents not listed) married Bridget Burns (parents not listed) the widow of George Handrahan (Hanrahan) on Apr. 27, 1848 page 573 Terence McGee (parents not listed) married Helen Hughes (parents not listed) on Sept. 14, 1840. South Gloucester (my ancestors ... Al) Page 572 Thomas McGee (Patrick and Elisabeth McCarthy) married Anna Keegan (John and Mary Ford) on July 28, 1845 page 572 Richard McGee (John and Bridget Burns) married Anne Kirwan / Kerwin (William and Catherine Mooney - from Mooney's Bay, Gloucester Township) on Apr. 5, 1875 page 572 Bernard McGee (parents not listed) from Huntley Township, married Helen Mantle (parents not listed) on Nov 13, 1831. Page 572 Jean McGee (parents not listed) widower of Ad@eacute;e Cinq-Mars, married Flavie Martineau (Jean-Baptiste and Clotilde Fr@eacute;chette) on Oct. 2, 1852 page 572 John McGee (James and Honora Darcey / Darcy) married Ursula Shea (Edward and Helen Hennessy / Hennessey) on Oct. 10, 1921. Page 573 John McGrath (Michael and Marie McKinney / McKenna / Mckenny) married Ann McGee (Terence McGee and Ellen Hughes) on Oct. 6,1876 _________________________________________________ I purchased the book on Montcerf at the Archives there. They have English and French versions. 3."100 ans Ste-Philomene Montcerf-Lytton 1892 - 1992" By: J. Ward O'Connor It has about 15 pages that mention the McGees, then there are other pages that talk specifically about the McGees, both the black and the red, and a few pictures are included as well. Page 351 McGee Family (Black McGees) 1st generation James McGee Married Maggie Brennan (parents not listed) 2nd generation John McGee married Julia O'Connor (William O'Connor and Julia McConnery) in Montcerf, Quebec on 01-02-1904 (if I follow the French method it should read 1 Feb. 1904) Their children: Harold, Stella, Geneviève, Doroth@eacute;, Francis, Eleine, Donald Page 352 McGee Family (Red McGees) 1st generation James McGee married Elisabeth Gallagher 2nd generation Mathieu McGee Married Brigitte Kelly (John and Mary Anne Dally / Daly?)) at Bouchette, Quebec on 08 -06 -1910 3rd generation Bertil McGee married Estelle Pelletier (Henri and Clarenda Lefebvre) at Bouchette, Quebec Their children: Robert, Nickael, Claire, Mary Ann page 172 It states that Willie McConnery was born in 1887 and married Minnie Scullion (maybe related to Patrick Scullion from Cantley, Quebec) on July 10, 1914. They had 5 children: Lawrence married Dorothy McGee, Darcy married Francis McGee, Violet married Gerald O'Connor, Jack married Mary Sayerchek., and Mildred married Russel Ethier. Page 148 Descendants of James McGee and Margaret Brennan 1. Hugh married May ? 2. John married Julia O'Connor their children: a) Eileen married Charles Biggart b) Stella Single c) Dorothy married Lawrence McConnery d) Frances married D'Arcy McConnery e) Donald married Edith Pout f) Harold married Carmen Tapp g) Genevieve (Gene) married Edward (Ted) Lachance h) Bernard Died baby i) Violet Died baby j) Joan Died baby 3. Anne married William P. O'Connor their children: a)James Single b)Raymond married Flore Brunet c)Veronica married Daniel McConnery and Elis@eacute; Nadon d)Joseph married Hildred McGee (red McGee's) e)Mervyn married Muriel Hart f)Charles married Norma McCool g)Gerald married Violet McConnery N.B. ANNE'S STEPCHILDREN John married Margaret O'Hara Laura married Patrick Laplante Lucy died as a teenager Julia married John McGee William married Cleophyr Cyr and Lea Labelle-Deschenes Edmund married Albina Lamontagne 4. Theresa married John (Jack) Hurley 5. Mary married William C Dillon 6. Margaret Single

page 147 McGee / Black The McGee family History (Black McGee's) James B. McGee and wife Margaret Brennan "Lytton Pioneers" James B. McGee was born on Calumet Island (Ottawa River), Pontiac County, province of Quebec. He was one of three sons born to Hugh McGee and Sarah Cunningham who immigrated from County Down, Ireland to Canada. James Married Margaret Brennan, believed to be a Pontiac girl and the couple came to Lytton in the early 1880's. They made their way by water settling on the Desert River. Their first homestead was by a lake a couple of miles north of the McConnery settlement where they operated a keep-over and they later moved to the McGee farm neighbouring William P. O'Connor. James and Margaret had six children: Hugh, John, Anne, Theresa, Mary and Margaret. They were very kind folks who always opened their door to everyone in a friendly manner or someone in need. In addition to raising their own children, they fostered a boy from a young age named Soloman Lacroix. He later married Brigitte Brisson-Martel and they began their newly married life at the McGee's. They eventually struck out on their own, but Solomon was much like a brother to John and an uncle to the McGee children, and he often stopped by to visit the family for the remainder of his life. As for the McGee children, they grew up and Annie married the neighbour William P. O'Connor. He was a recently widowed man with six young children to raise. Annie then had seven children of her own : James, Raymond, Veronica, Joseph, Mervyn, Charles and Gerald plus three who died at an early age ; Ernest who died as a baby, Martin who died in his teens, and Letitia who was tragically scalded around the age of four. Annie's six step-children were John, William, Edmund, Laura, Lucy and Julia. John McGee (James' son) married William O'Connor's daughter, Julia (by his first wife) and they had ten children of their own. Eileen, Stella, Dorothy, Frances, Donald, Harold, and Genevieve. Three others deceased as babies; Bernard, Violet and Joan. John made his living on the farm although in his younger years he portaged with horses in winter while his wife looked after the children, and ran the farm. Julia was a great teamster and could quite capably take care of the outdoor chores as well as run the house and care for the children. No easy task in those days. James and Margaret's four other children ; Hugh, Theresa, Mary and Margaret spent most of their adult lives in Timmins, Ontario, except for Margaret who returned to Lytton late in life and lived with her sister Annie (O'Connor). Aunt Maggie, as she was known, died several years later in a car accident with one of Gerald O'Connor's daughters (Gerald was the son of Anne and William), Shirley-Anne. Harold McGee page 55 SOLDIERS 1939-1945 Laurence McConnery Charles O'Connor Jimmy McConnery Gerald O'Connor Cyrill McGee page 38 SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE PRESBYTERY 1893 # 75 McGee (Black) James Paid $5.00 in cash #68 McGee (Red) James Promised to donate $5.00 worth of logs in the spring. Page 56 HOUSEKEEPERS WOMEN WHO WORKED IN THE PRESBYTERY OF MONTCERF Mrs. Stella McGee for Father Cossette page 140 ...Julia May O'Connor (William Patrick married Julia McConnery in Gracefield, Quebec in 1887) married John McGee... ...After Julia McConnery O'Connor died while giving birth to her sixth child , ...William Patrick O'Connor married a second time to Annie McGee in 1899 and had 10 more children....Annie's children's names were Jimmy, Ernest Ray, Thomas Ray who married Flore Brunet, Vera who married Dan McConnery, Joe who married Hilary McGee, Mervyn who married Muriel Hart, Martin Clifford, Letitia who died at 4 years of age, Charles who married Norma McCool and Gerald who married Violet McConnery. William Patrick O'Connor was elected the first mayor of Lytton in Feb.1909... William Patrick died in April of 1923 leaving quite a legacy... Page 145 ...Lawrence McConnery (Willie and Minnie Scullion) married Dorothy McGee. They made their home in Ottawa. Darcy McConnery (Willie and Minnie Scullion) married Francis McGee, stayed in Lytton as a farmer, drove bus part time and in about 1954 took up residence in Ottawa... Page 231 MIDWIVES Mrs. Jos McGee ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. Maniwaki Paroisse Notre-Dame de l'Assomption Baptemes et Annotations marginales 1843 - 1875 Published by the Archives Centre in Montcerf,Quebec ; ISBN2-922544-02-8 (Translation: Assumption Parish Maniwaki Baptisms and Margin Notes 1843-1875) Page 146 McGee Jean (biological child of Margaret McGee) Baptized: 17 Oct. 1868, age.... Godparents: Antoine Foubert and Serra Corley / Curley priest: R@eacute;gis D@eacute;l@eacute;age, OMI page 146 McElroy Bridgitt (John and Margaret McGee) baptized: 13 July 1871, born June 7, 1871 godparents: Joseph Rouleau and Brigitt Kearins / Kearns priest: R@eacute;gis D@eacute;l@eacute;age OMI (the priest who led many settlers from South Gloucester to the Maniwaki area) margin note: widow of John Hayes, married James Dempsey, widower of Louise Leclair, Nov. 19, 1934 at Maniwaki (N.B. my interpretation: Bridgit McElroy was the widow of John Hayes and she married James Dempsey, who was the widower of Louise Leclair, in Maniwaki on Nov. 19, 1934) ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. Maniwaki Paroisse Notre-Dame de l'Assomption Mariages et S@eacute;pultures 1843-1875 Published by the Archive Centre in Montcerf,Quebec ISBN 2-922544-01-X (Translation: Assumption Parish Maniwaki Marriages and Deaths 1843-1875) page 82 Michaelroy , John, of legal age (James and Mary McAulane) McGee, Marguerite, of legal age ( James and Bridget Kearsing) Married: 12 July 1870 Witnesses: Bridget Bready / Brady and Michel Whalen Priest: R@eacute;gis D@eacute;l@eacute;age, OMI margin note: John McElroy died and death registered in parish records, May 26, 1906 Marguerite McGee died 17 May 1909. Page 160 McGee John / Johnny ( biological child of Rose Magee McGee) buried: 1st. Jan. 1869 at St-Gabriel*, age... Present: Antoine Foubert priest: J. B. Baudin OMI (N. B. My info: * St-Gabriel parish is in the village of Bouchette, 15 minutes south of Maniwaki) ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. Bouchette et Cameron au fil des ans 1843-1987 by:Diana Paul Lefebvre, Louise Rochon Carle page 615 and 616 III McGee, Bertel, married Pelletier, Estelle (Henri and Clarenda Lefebvre) at Bouchette, Quebec Their children: Robet, Michael, Clara and Mary-Anne IV McGee, Mathieu (N.B. my opinion: this French name could be translated as Matthew) married Kelly, Bridgit (John and Mary-Anne Daly) at Bouchette, Quebec, June 8, 1910 Their children: Bertel, Cyril, Hilary, Elisabeth, John and Emmanuel V McGee, James married Gallagher, Elisabeth Their children: Brigit, Catherine, Annie and Mathieu The 1891 census lists 2 McGee families: 1. McGee, James of Ireland who died Oct. 16, 1884 at the age of 85 yrs., husband of Cahills, Bridgit of Ireland, age 90 Their children: a) James, 55 yrs, married at Bouchette,Quebec on Sept.8, 1877, Marois, Bridgit (Fr@eacute;d@eacute;ric and Marguerite Nolan) Their children: Brigitte, born Apr. 4, 1879 at Bouchette, Quebec ; Catherine, born May 15, 1881 at Bouchette, Quebec and Francis born Sept. 14, 1883 at Bouchette,Quebec. 2. McGee, James, 40 yrs old, born in the province of Ontario of Irish parents, husband of Gallagher, Elisabeth Their children: Brigit, 12 yrs old ; Annie married a Donavan, Alexandre (David and Catherine McMillan of Poltimore, Quebec) on Sept. 21, 1909 at Montcerf, Quebec. ; Catherine 10 yrs. old ; Mathieu married ??????? , on June 8, 1910, at Bouchette, Quebec. Their children: ( I presume Mathieu and his wife) a)Cyrill married McInery, Mary of Ireland b)Hilary married O'Connor, Joseph c)Elisabeth d)John married Taylor, Mabel e)Emmanuel f)Bertel, ______________________________________________________________________________ 7. St. Patrick's Church Maniwaki 1960-1983 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials By Father Raymond Bastien OMI page 34 (N.B.Ref. To #4 above, page 146) McElroy, Bridget Died. Oct. 11, 1962 Funeral Oct. 14, 1962 spouse: James Dempsey (deceased) priest: Gerard Dacier ______________________________________________________________________________ 8.Luskville Quebec R@eacute;pertoire des Baptemes, Mariages and S@eacute;pultures 1884-1981 by: Father Raymond Bastien OMI (Translation: Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1884-1981 of Luskville, Quebec i.e. Hull,Quebec) BAPTISMS page 37 # 1714 McGee, Andrew James (William and Anna Walsh) born: Sept. 28, 1897 baptized: Oct. 31, 1897 godparents: John McGee and Mary Jane McGee page 38 #1716 McGee, Barnard George (Robert and Mary Ann Larkin) born: June 27, 1896 baptized: July 19, 1896 godparents: Peter Larkin and Catherine Kirwan page 38 # 1719 McGee Daniel Robert (William and Hannah Walsh) born: March 16, 1891 Baptized: April 26,1891 godparents: William Nash and Catherine McGee page 38 #1721 McGee, Edward John (William and Anna Walsh) born: Dec 19,1894 Baptized: Jan, 20,1895 godparents: William John McGee and Mary McGee page 38 #1723 McGee, Emma Bridget Mary (William and Hannah Walsh) born: Oct.26, 1887 Baptized: Nov 13, 1887 godparents: Daniel McGee and Annie Walsh page 38 # 1724 McGee, George (John and Margaret Moran) born: Feb. 20, 1886 Baptized: March 14, 1886 godparents: Michael Moran and Margaret Rouse page 38 #1725 McGee, George Michael (William and Hannah Welsh) born: March 7, 1889 Baptized: Apr. 7, 1889 godparents: Robert McGee and Bridget Moran page 38 # 1726 McGee, Helen V@eacute;ronica (William and Hannah Walsh) born March 14, 1904 Baptized Apr. 24, 1904 godparents: Benjamin Brennan and Mary Jane McGee page 38 #1727 McGee, Helena Mary Margaret (Robert and Mary Ann Larkin) born Oct. 20, 1894 Baptized: Jan 6, 1895 godparents: Daniel McGee and Elizabeth Larkins / Larkin page 38 # 1728 McGee, James Simon (John and Maggie Moran) born Aug. 22,1897 Baptized Aug 31, 1897 godparents: Robert McGee and Mary Ann Larkins page 38 # 1736 McGee, John (Robert and Mary Ann Laughkins) born May 1, 1893 Baptized: May 28, 1893 godparents: John McGee and Mathaise Laughkins (Larkin) page 38 # 1730 McGee Jos. Darcy (John and Marguerite Moran) born Oct. 1, 1899 Baptized Oct 22, 1899 godparents: William Nash and Anne Walsh page 38 # 1733 McGee, Louisa May (John and Margaret Moran) born May 11,1891 Baptized June 7,1891 godparents: Thomas Foran and Louisa Looby / Luby page 38 # 1732 McGee, Margaret (John and Margaret Moran) born Aug 25, 1888 baptized Sept 16, 1888 godparents; Robert McGee and Mary Ann Moran page 38 # 1737 McGee, Nara Mary (John and Margaret Moran) born July 26, 1902 Baptized Aug. 10,1902 godparents: Michael Brennan and Catherine Nash page 38 # 1743 McGee, Peter Daniel (John and Margaret Moran) born Oct 25, 1895 Baptized Nov 14, 1895 godparents: William McGee and Lizzie McLaughin page 38 # 1741 McGee, Robert Joseph Daniel ( Robert and Ann Larkins) born Oct 25, 1899 Baptized Jan 11,1900 godparents: Albert Johnson and Mary McGee page 38 # 1744 McGee, Sarah Loretta (William and Anna Walsh) born Feb. 22, 1902 Baptized March 28, 1902 godparents: Michael Brennan and Annie McGee page 38 # 1745 McGee, Thomas Michael (John and Margaret Moran) born July 26, 1893 Baptized Aug 20, 1893 godparents: Daniel McGee and Mary Ann Larkinson page 38 # 1747 McGee, William Richard (William and Anna Welsh) born Dec. 15, 1892 Baptized Jan 8,1893 godparents: Benjamin Burns and Kattie McGee MARRIAGES page 65 # 855 Duval, Edmond (Damase and Em@eacute;lie Paquette McGee, Emma (William and Anna Welch) July 11, 1910 witnesses: Damase Duval and William McGee page 65 # 891 Fairburn, George (Archie and Georgina Lindsay) McGee, Mary (John and Maggie Moran) July 8, 1902 witnesses: V.E. Brien and John McGee page 72 # 1766 Moore, John (Michael and Jane Fairburn) McGee, Annie (John and Margueret Moran Sept. 25, 1907 witnesses: John McGee and Michael Moore) page 79 #2522 Walsh, John (Michael and Mary Flannery) McGee, Bridget (John and Bridget Burns) Jan 18, 1886 witnesses Daniel McGee and Hannah Walsh BURIALS page 100 #2521 Walsh, Anna Died Jan. 4, 1923 Buried Jan 7, 1923 age 68 yrs. spouse: William McGee page 97 # 1720 McGee, Daniel Martin Died July 21, 1933 buried: July 23, 1933 74 yrs Parents: John and Mary Burns page 97 # 1724 McGee, George Died Sept 22, 1894 Buried: Sept 22, 1894 8 yrs parents; John and Margaret Moran page 97 #1722 McGee, John Died Oct 7, 1918 Buried : Oct 9, 1918 23 yrs parents: William and Anna Welch / Walsh page 97 #1729 McGee, John Died Jan 28, 1921 Buried: Jan 30, 1921 76 yrs spouse: Margaret Moran page 97 #1731 McGee, Kate Died Jan 4, 1936 Buried Jan 6, 1936 85 yrs parents: John and Bridget Burns page 97 # 1733 McGee, Louisa May Died Sept 14, 1894 Buried Sept 15, 1894 Age: 3 yrs 5m. Parents: John and Margaret Moran page 97 # 1735 McGee, Mary Jane Died June 20, 1918 Buried June 22, 1918 77 yrs parents: John and Bridget Burns page 97 #1738 McGee, Richard Died Oct. 17, 1891 Buried Oct 19, 1891 49 yrs spouse: Annie Spierce (Pierce ?) page 97 #1747 McGee, Richard Died May 11, 1978 Buried May 13, 1978 86 yrs Parents: William and Anna Welsh page 97 # 1740 McGee, Robert Died March 25, 1909 Buried :March 27,1909 62 yrs spouse: Mary Ann Larkin page 97 # 1742 McGee Robert J Daniel Died Feb 11, 1902 Buried Feb. 12, 1902 2 yrs parents: Robert and Mary Ann Leighton page 97 # 1746 McGee, William Died Sept 19, 1931 Buried Sept 22, 1931 81 yrs spouse: Anna Walsh page 97 # 1768 Moore, Michael John Died Oct 5, 1911 Buried Oct.8,1911 10 m. parents: Michael John and Annie Bridget McGee page 90 #498A Burns, Bridgett Died Nov. 12, 1895 Buried: Nov. 14, 1895 75 yrs. spouse: John McGee Une rivière qui vient du nord... Histoire de Maniwaki et du pays de la Gatineau written by Louis-Andr@eacute;, published in June 2001 ISBN 2-9807190-0-5 page 161 this is a very quick translation: Chute-Rouge (Lytton) The village of Chute-Rouge*which is now know as the municipality of Lytton, was officially detached from the municipality of Egan in 1909... *Footnote #79 reads as such: Since two McGee families resided near the falls on the Desert river and the majority of the family members had flamboyant red hair,this area was called "Chute-Rouge". A literal translation of "Chute-Rouge" is Red Falls.
June 9, 2004: Sean McConnery has provided a complete transcription of the Montcerf Cemetery, on his web site. He has also transcribed many other West Quebec cemetries. You can also contact him for photographs of individual grave markers.
June 12, 2005: Paul Pelletier is researching his Hebert family ancestors in the Montcerf / Maniwaki area. He has also sent along the address of the Montcerf Municipal Archives which is also included on the above Hebert page. (Paul: Thanks for this ... Al)
January 18, 2006: Al had sent this record from Notre Dame, Ottawa: 14 Sep 1840 After one publication of banns, marriage of Terence McGee, yeoman, to Ellen Hughes, both of the Township of Gloucester Witnesses: Charles Morris, Margaret Morris, Darby Kealey and others Ths. Cannnon, P. yet I found this additional record: page 573 Montcerf - Maniwaki Pioneers Terence McGee (parents not listed) married Helen Hughes (parents not listed) on Sept. 14, 1840. (Terrence McGee was a worker on the Rideau Canal in 1829. This McGee family and the Hughes family came from County Armagh, Ireland are on the 1829 McCabe List. Do you know why they would be in this French document which I understand to be considered Maniwaki Pioneers? Al you had advised before that sometimes the priest would travel to other locations and enter the record in both locations. Do you think they were married in Maniwaki? Another record which shows up on this list is again on Page 573: John McGrath (Michel and Marie McKinney / McKenna / Mckenny) married Ann McGee (Terence and Ellen Hughes) on Oct. 6,1876 Are these papers like a census? Perhaps they moved up there after leaving South Gloucester? His death notice makes reference to the fact that he didn't live in South Gloucester anymore? ... Mary ________________________ Hi to you all,[ THE PLOT THICKENS ??] Mary, read this slow, Betty , [that is my little wife,] born , raised near Maniwaki. went to school in Maniwaki, one of her teachers was a " Betty McGee," from the Montcerf area. [ of which you write,] she had a sister , Hillary ,married to an O'Connor,??, their mother was a Bridget KELLY .from Bouchette , Married to a-------- McGee, from the Montcerf area, the area of which i speak is in the province of Quebec ,north of the city of Ottawa,[one hour and a half] This presents another question, are they our McGee's ?? , just a thought. ... Michael Daley _________________________ Mike ~ your 140th Anniversary booklet makes reference to 17 families being lured to the Moncerf / Maniwaki area by Father Deleage. It would be terrific if we could identify them?? When looking through the records on Al's website I see Foran, Larkin, McGee, etc etc. It seems that the priest was transferred there April 4, 1853 so there is still a mystery why Terrence McGee and Ellen Hughes marriage of 1840 appears in this area. Al any ideas? I had previously found (in South Gloucester church records a Thomas Foran which I could not link into my family for sure ~ married to a Margaret Murray ~ so I therefore assumed he is related somehow ~ I see a Thomas Foran as a sponsor at a baptism on these records. ... Mary __________________________ Mary: I don't know why the 1840 marriage would be listed in the book regarding the Montcerf / Maniwaki pioneers. When was the book written? Perhaps whoever compiled the book interviewed contemporary members of the McGee family in Montcerf and was given the name and dates of Terrence McGee and Ellen Hughes to include in the book. Or, Father Deleage (who seems to have been ambitious and energetic and who took his duty as an agent of settlement seriously) may have written this info in the margins of the Maniwaki church records. Maybe Darlene Lannigan would know. ... Al
January 19, 2006: Hi everyone, In response to Michael's [THE PLOT THICKENS ??], Bridget Kelly was the daughter of John Kelly (Thomas, Bridget Kilduff) and Mary Ann Daly (Joseph, Elizabeth Dempsey) who were from the Low, Quebec area. Bridget was born in Bouchette though. She married Matthew McGee who was the son of James R. McGee originally of Vinton, Pontiac County, Quebec (later moved to Montcerf) and of Elizabeth Gallagher of Kilkeel, County Down. James R. McGee was the son of Henry McGee and Mary McGinnis of the Parish of Upper Creggan / Creegan ? located in the south of County Armagh on the border with County Louth. See the "Henry McGee and Mary McGinnis page on Bytown or Bust. (above) There was also a James B. McGee in Montcerf and he also originally came from the Vinton area - Calumet Island. He was the son of Hugh McGee and Sarah Cunningham of County Down. James B. McGee and James R. McGee were not related. As mentioned on the Henry McGee and Mary McGinnis page I have so far found no connection with Al Lewis' McGees and my McGees nor to Thomas D'Arcy McGee. Clare Whitney __________________________ Hi everyone, thanks for the info, Clare Whitney [THE PLOT THICKENS??] shortly after sending that e-mail,dated january 15 , in looking at Darlene, Montcerf/maniwaki Pioneers , list , I thought to myself ,? [ at my age, Im allowed,] this is the end of trail, that is settlement of McGee,s in itself, Mary, in regards to your e-mail ,dated January 17,, take a slow look at that picture, of the priest house, the veranda in my view is identical , to the present house, your uncle Mike , recalling the words of his Grandmother, [Log cabin closer to the road,] may be indeed , the missing link, your next question, St. John's Hall , IN Enniskerry, Ontario, did indeed read , in big letters , for many years ," Dawson Temperance Hall, " ... MICHAEL
November 5, 2010: Hi everyone, I`ve just been on the Montcerf/Maniwaki Pioneer site - trying to find a few answers. I'm looking for aboriginal roots to our family......My grandmother has passed away in May and I can`t seem to find answers as to her M@eacute;tis heritage and status. The Alliance Autochtone of Quebec has not been helpful at all. She was Fabiola Patry, n@eacute;e Lacroix. Her father was L@eacute;on Lacroix and her mother was Luvina Lafontaine. In her family tree, I'm seeing that her grand parents are Lacroix and Saumure, as well as Lafontaine and Saumure. My grandfather, her husband, was Jean-Paul Patry. His parents were Paul (L@eacute;opaul?) Patry and Albina Brière. It looks as if we have Aboriginal roots on both sides. Do anyone have any info? Do you think the Montcerf Centre can help me find out who was Algonquin? Thank you Jos@eacute;e

February 9, 2013: Good evening to whom it may concern: Searching for the parents of couple Willie (William?) McConnery and Minnie(Mary-Ann?) Scullion. I'm told that Minnie (Mary-Ann) was daughter of John Scullion and Elizabeth Fogarty and that she would have been married to Leon Seguin previously 1910, himself widowed of a certain Anne McRae or McGee...? ... Regards, Roger F ______________________________ Thanks to Darlene Lannigan for this detailed reply! Its nice to be back. I consulted my personal collection of books and found a lot of info. Hope it is pertinent to all. As usual, the spelling is as it is written in the books and I believe I have no typos. Enjoy. There is a fantastic book titled,"Anselm Maxwell and his CELTIC CONNECTIONS 1822" , subtitled,"Pioneer Families of the Upper Gatineau" penned by Alexa J. Pritchard and Mary Gail Wilson. It was published in Dec 2001 ISBN 0-9682818-2-6. I would strongly recommend it. It covers the McConnery, Brooks, Maxwell, Wilson, Wright, Blythe, Thompson and Diamond families as welll as others. it has pictures of legal documents, newspaper clippings, familly charts, photos of the homesteads and most importantly family pictures. On page 103 there is a picture of John McConnery and Florence Killeen and, on page 176 a picture of William McConnery and Mary Ann Scullion. In this book: on pp 61 and 103 (McConnery history written by Ernest McConnery) The parents of William "Willie" Joseph McConnery are: John McConnery and Florence Killeen. they married in Gracefield, Quebec on Nov. 5, 1877 then settled in Lytton, Quebec (north of Maniwaki). They had 14 Children. The parents of Mary-Ann "Minnie" Scullion are John and Elizabeth Fogarty. It is noted that "Minnie" was the "widow" of Leon Seguin when she married Willie McConnery, on July 10, 1914. They had 5 children: Lawrence, D'Arcy, Violet, Jake and Mildred. They resided in Lytton, Quebec. Another book: 100 Ans Ste-Philomène , Montcerf - -Lytton, 1892 - - 1992 written by J. Ward O'Connor and dedicated to the parish. On page 170 there is a picture of John McConnery and Florence Kileen Pages 144,349 and 376 p. 349 McEnroy dit McConnery, John married Martha Maxwell, Their son, John McConnery married Mary Florence Skillan (Scullion?) (James and Elizabeth Foley) at Gracefield, on Nov. 5, 1877. p.376 McOnroy (McConnery) John , son of John and Martha Maxwell (Mary Hotti), married in "La Visitation" parish, at Gracefield on Nov. 5, 1877, Florence Scullion, daughter of James and Elizabeth Toley (Foley?). They had 18 children. However, they only listed 10. p.294 John McOnroy (McConnery) , farmer, born at the Visitation (Gracefield) circa 1860, son of John McOnroy and Martha Maxwell. He left his native village last year to come and settle on a lot in the (Lytton) township / district. Married Flora Scullion, the daughter of "minor age" of James Scullion and Elisabeth Fauley / Foley ?, at the Visitation (Gracefield) in 1876. (Act written/ made the 23 May 1884) N.B. He married the 5th of Nov. 1877. My question is why the act was passed 7 years later ? Have found nothing on Leon Seguin yet/ ... Darlene Lannigan
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