William MOONEY and Catherine HODGINS
Talbot Party in 1818
ancestors of early feminist and suffragette Nellie McClung

May 16, 2005:

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Descendants of William MOONEY
1. William MOONEY was born about 1790 and died in Jul 1880, about age 90. Burial Notes: Huntley Township Anglican Church General Notes: He came over from Tipperary with the Talbot Party in 1818, originally went to London, Ontario, then moved to Huntley township, Carleton County.(2) William married Catherine "Kittie" HODGINS 1821 or 1822 in Richmond, ON, CAN. Catherine died between 1826 and 1829 Children from this marriage were: i. Margaret MOONEY was born on 14 Jan 1823 died on 1 Jun 1913 at age 90, and was buried in South March, ON, CAN Burial Notes: Anglican Church Cemetery Margaret married Thomas James WEATHERLEY son of Capt. James Dent WEATHERLEY and Frances HEDLEY in 1849 Thomas was born in 1822 5 and died on 22 Oct 1899 5 at age 77. ii. Mary MOONEY was born on 4 Jun 1824,3, 4 died on 15 Apr 1856 at age 31, and was buried in Huntley, ON, CAN. Burial Notes: Anglican Church Cemetery Mary married John H. HOLMES in 1845. John was born about 1817 died on 12 Jun 1887 4 about age 70, and was buried in Huntley, ON, CAN Burial Notes: Christ Church Cemetery iii. Thomas MOONEY was born on 26 Dec 1826 and died in 1853 at age 27. William next married Eliza STANLEY before 1829. Eliza was born about Nov 1807 and died on 11 Feb 1876 about age 68. Death Notes: She died at age 68 yrs and three mos. Burial Notes: Huntley Anglican Church Children from this marriage were: i. Benjamin MOONEY was born on 28 May 1829 died in 1919 at age 90, and was buried in Huntley, ON, CAN Burial Notes: Anglican Church Cemetery General Notes: He was living in Carp, Ontario, at the time of his brother Samuel's death. Benjamin married Mary Ann LAUGHLIN ii. William MOONEY was born on 24 Dec 1830 and died in 1920 in Clearsprings, Manitoba, CAN age 90. General Notes: He was living in Clear Springs, MB, at the time of his brother Samuel's death. William married Frances ACRES in 1862. iii. James MOONEY was born in 1831 and died in 1899 at age 68. Burial Notes: Diamondview Methodist Cemetery (on the road between Carp and Fitzroy Harbour) James married Nancy BAIRD iv. Eliza MOONEY was born on 22 Aug 1834 died on 17 Jan 1908 at age 73, and was buried in Danford Lake, Quebec, CAN Burial Notes: Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery General Notes: Her headstone says that she died on Jan. 17, aged 74 years and 5 mos. Eliza married Adam HODGINS son of Thomas "Tom" HODGINS of Carp and Elizabeth CAVANAUGH on 11 Apr 1860. Adam was born on 18 Jun 1828 died on 12 May 1884 at age 55, and was buried in Danford Lake, PQ, Burial Notes: Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery General Notes: Excerpt from "Hodgins Family History" "THOMAS HODGINS, husband by second marriage to Elizabeth Cavanaugh, acquired considerable property and had a beautiful home, a stone place, which he built. I understand this house is still standing today. A few years ago it was occupied by a couple named Wallace, (no relation). As was the custom in those days, when TOM died his estate was willed to his eldest son, RICHARD HODGINS, from his first marriage. By this time ADAM, our grandfather, who was the first son of the second marriage of TOM, was a married man. ADAM, was married to ELIZABETH (Eliza) MOONEY. She was a daughter of WILLIAM MOONEY and his wife ELIZABETH. ADAM and his wife Eliza, with their first couple of children set out to make a new life for themselves, by settling up in the Danford hills, which they called God's country, and where the rest of the family was born. " From Edie Sage's Hodgins-Mooney family file: They came to the Grove Creek area to farm about 1865. Adam's parents had migrated from Ireland in 1812 and settled at Carp (Ontario). v. Samuel "Sam" MOONEY was born on 12 Feb 1838 in Huntley Twp., Carleton Co., ON, CAN and died on 14 Oct 1906 in City View, ON, CAN at age 68. Death Notes: Obituary from unknown newspaper: Mr. Samuel Mooney, one of the most prominent and highly respected farmers of City View, died last Sunday morning at one o'clock. He had been sick for over two years of rheumatism. The news of his death will be received, with profound regret by all the residents of the vicinity, and many friends in the city. He was 69 years of age, and was born in Huntley township, near Carp. He had lived the greater part of his life in Nepean township in the vicinity of City View (the Merivale Road settlement). He leaves his widow, four sons, Norman at home, Pitman in Arcola, Manitoba; Webster and Ira Mooney at home; four daughters, Mrs. Honeywell of City View, Miss Christina, Miss Amanda and Miss Emma Mooney at home; four brothers, Messrs. Henry Mooney of Henry Mooney & Sons of Ottawa; William Mooney of Clear Springs, Manitoba; Benjamin and Robert of Carp, and two sisters, Mrs. Frederick Bradley of Huntley and Mrs. Adam Hodgins of Danford Lake, Que. The funeral service was conducted at the family residence at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning by Rev. H.A. Young, pastor of the Methodist church at Westboro. Interment was made in Merivale cemetery. Burial Notes: Merivale Anglican Cemetery Samuel married Emma Jane BRADLEY daughter of Lieutenant Col. William Brown BRADLEY and Christianna LACASSE on 4 Jun 1868 in Huntley Twp., Carleton Co., ON, CAN. Emma was born on 30 Dec 1847 in ON, CAN 6, 10, 11 and died in Jan 1929 11 at age 81. Marriage Notes: Christ Church vi. Catherine MOONEY was born on 16 Apr 1840 died in 1866 at age 26, and was buried in Huntley, ON, CAN. Burial Notes: Anglican Church Cemetery Catherine married William CAVANAUGH son of William CAVANAUGH and Rebecca HODGIN 11 M vii. Henry MOONEY was born on 30 Dec 1843 died in 1923 at age 80, and was buried in Huntley, ON, CAN Burial Notes: United Church Cemetery General Notes: He worked for Henry Mooney and Sons in Ottawa, ON. Henry married Hannah CALDWELL. Henry next married Elizabeth BEESON Elizabeth was born on 22 Oct 1850 viii. Ellen Maria MOONEY was born on 11 Feb 1845 in Huntley Twp., Carleton County, ON, CAN, died on 6 Mar 1930 at age 85, and was buried in Huntley Township, ON, CAN. Burial Notes: Anglican Church Cemetery General Notes: She and her husband were living in Huntley at the time of her brother Samuel's death. Ellen married Frederick "Fred" BRADLEY son of Lieutenant Col. William Brown BRADLEY and Christianna LACASSE on 25 Mar 1868. Frederick was born on 27 Jul 1840 in ON, CAN died on 11 Dec 1933 at age 93, and was buried in Huntley Twp., Carleton Co., ON, CAN Burial Notes: Christ Church Anglican Cemetery ix. Robert MOONEY was born on 1 Sep 1849 died in 1926 at age 77, and was buried in Huntley, ON, CAN. Burial Notes: Anglican Church Cemetery General Notes: He was living in Carp, ON, at the time of his brother Samuel's death. Robert married Sarah Ann KIDD daughter of Richard KIDD and Maryann HODGINS. Sarah was born on 11 Jul 1855

July 5, 2005: Hi Don, Daniel and Al Thank you so much for this. Wonderful to have this! I knew who Margaret Mooney's parents were but not Thomas Weatherly's. My gr-grandmother was Susanna Weatherly (5 Apr 1864 - 8 Aug 1903) daughter of Margaret Mooney (14 Jan 1923 - 9 Jan 1913) and Thomas James Weatherly who were married 30 March 1849 Susanna was baptized 5 Feb 1864. She died from measles and is buried in Epworth Cemetery in Fitzroy Township. She married 2 Jan 1889 Richard John Bishop (12 Jan 1859 - 1923). They lived on Lot 23 concession 3 in Fitzroy Township. Susanna was 39 when she died from Measles. Their children were: 1. Wilfred Roland Bishop (13 Mar 1891 - 8 Aug 1892) buried in Epworth Cemetery, Fitzroy Township 2. Edward Sidney Bishop (26 Apr. 1892 - 30 Dec 1964) married Pearl Milks 1897 - 1992) buried in Diamond Cemetery, Fitzroy Twp. 3. Alda Muriel Bishop (27 Sept 1894 - 1 Mar 1951) married 1 Mar 1916 in Epworth Methodist Church, Horace James Jeffrey Stevenson (18 Mar 1893 - 1 Mar 1951). They were killed in a car accident at Shirley's Bay overpass on Carling Avenue.. Son of William Stevenson (1859 - 1925) and Florence Maxwell Jeffrey (1861-1937) all buried in Diamond Cemetery, Fitzroy Township 4. Vera Margaret Catherine Bishop 14 Sept 1896 - 8 Mar 1951) married 30 June 1931 James Wilfred Gilchrist (20 June 1897 - July 1967) son of Joseph Gilchrist (1839 - 1924) and Jane Porter ( 1855- ) Aunt Vera was in the same car accident as my grandparents and died 7 days later. Diane Moorhead

October 12, 2005: Hi, my grandmother is Mildred (Mooney) Read, who was one of William Norman Mooney's daughters. Thought we'd email you to update your records. Aside from Wilbur Earl, William also had the following children (all now deceased): Hazel (Mooney) Pennock - born 1907 and Orval Mooney - born 1909. Mildred was born 1916, and her husband was Lawrence Read - born 1907. Lawrence's father was Henry Read. If you have any questions, please reply. Mildred would be happy to respond. -Greg Beach
November 5, 2007: Hi Everyone, I am interested in obtaining more information on William Mooney born 1790 and a member of the Talbot party. Where did he live in Tipperary? What was the name of the boat he travelled in. What about his parents. (I believe that the Talbot Party travelled on the ship Camperdown) Thanks Paul Walker Mooradian casper.mooradian@cogeco.ca
December 7, 2007: Hi Allan and Don I have just finished reading the Elliott book "Irish Migrants in the Canadas" (library copy) which contains some interesting facts. The most interesting point is that William Mooney and Talbot's son John saved the group on September 11,1818 after the party had boarded the schooner "Young Phoenix" when it hit rocks on the American shore. The boys swam ashore with life-lines and succeeded in rescuing the people. In another section of the book it indicates that there were 2 Mooneys aboard the "Brunswick" The other Mooney was Susanna Mooney Shouldice, the wife of Nicholas Shouldice who settled in Goulbourn Ontario. A Shouldice Genealogical chart in the book indicates John Mooney emigrated to Nepean in 1830. His father was William Mooney from Lansdowne, County Tipperary. There is a suggestion by the author that John and Susanna were cousins. It is possible that our William Mooney was the brother of John Mooney. We may have to trace the residence in Ireland as well as Ontario of the Mooney's to see if they lived near each other. May 16, 2014: John Mooney and Letitia McCurdy had a daughter, Nellie Letitia Mooney (1873-1951) who migrated to Manitoba and married R.W. McClung. Nellie McClung became a well-known Canadian author and feminist. There are 3 primary sources of information for the list of passengers on the Brunswick and the rescue story as follows: 1. Daniel J. Brock "Richard Talbot, the Tipperary Irish, and the Formative Years of the London Township, 1818-1826" MA thesis University of Western Ontario 1969, 167-71. 2.University of Western Ontario "Freeman Talbot's Memoirs" 3.Talbot, "Five Years' Residence",I; 103-6; Quebec Gazette, 19 October 1818, no. 2844. Paul Walker Mooradian casper.mooradian@cogeco.ca

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