Mount Saint Patrick, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
Pioneer Families

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

This photograph is of a monument at St. Patrick's Church at Mount Saint Patrick, Ontario.
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November 19, 2002: Note: The following detailed information regarding the Catholic Churches in the Renfrew / Mount St. Patrick's / Eganville area was posted to the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogy system on November 17, 2002 by Carol Bennett McCuaig. It is reproduced here with Carol's permission. ... Al Hi, all Since mentioning that I can look up 19th century Mount St Patrick records I've heard from quite a few people, and have been happy to assist. Looking up early Renfrew County Catholic records often presents a puzzle for researchers from places far away, such as the USA, so I thought I should explain this system once again, for the benefit of new members. (It might be worth repeating in Timberline, too?) 1. Father John McNulty arrived at Mount St Patrick in 1843, but the earliest register is missing and so the first we have available starts in 1846. 2. He travelled over a wide area, establishing chapels here and there. Thus early records for places like Sand Point, Renfrew, Douglas, Eganville, Osceola, Springtown, Brudenell etc. appear in this MSP register. Mostly, those people didn't travel to the Mountain for baptisms and marriages; the priest went to them. 3. With the exception being St FX, Renfrew Town, his register shows church names which were later changed. St Patrick's at the Mountain was All Saints. St Peter's, Snake River became St Pius, Osceola. Annunciation at Douglas is now St Michael's. The forerunner to Eganville's St James the Less was "St Lawrence O'Toole, Lake Clear" which was actually at Donegal, Grattan Township. 4. Father McNulty left in 1851 and for a time the Mountain became a mission of St FX, Renfrew. That register between 1852-1866 therefore contains entries pertaining to Mount St Patrick, Calabogie, Griffith etc. There are still some entries for the other places in Renfrew County but now the Eganville register is a good place to search, as well. By 1867 the Mountain was a parish again, and for the remainder of the 19th century people from Springtown, Ontario and Griffith, Ontario, etc. appear there. 5. Early Douglas records can be found under Eganville, and that includes some people who lived in Admaston Township, close to Mount St Patrick. This is because they now belonged to the Douglas parish, which for a time was a mission of Eganville. People have asked me why their Admaston ancestors would hike all the way to Eganville to be married if the bride was not from there. The answer is that they probably didn't. The priest would have travelled to Douglas to perform the ceremony. 6. You may find some of your ancestors in the Brudenell register. That's because lots of people from the southern townships in Renfrew County later moved up the Opeongo Line. And if the census indicates that the family was in Canada earlier than you thought, try the Perth register. Several thousand people moved up here from Lanark and Carleton Counties in the 1830s. 7. Looking for an ancestor who died at an early date? You may be out of luck. After studying these very early registers I found that very few deaths were recorded. The reason seems to be that the priest only entered those who burials he attended. At a time when he had to travel all over the country he was seldom present at an interment, except by chance. Carol McCuaig

February 28, 2003: Looking for a Jack or John Enright from Hurds Lake who married Mary Ellen Doyle daughter of Margaret McCarthy and Robert Doyle. (Hurd's Lake is adjacent to the Madawaska River, near Calabogie and Springtown.) I am also looking for information on Louis Lorrain / Lorraine married to Ellen McCarthy (Mount St. Patrick). Louis was a master carpenter and built every mission cross from the Mountain to Pembroke Ontario. They had 10 Children, Mary Catherine she became a teacher, Philomena teacher and nurse, Nellie teacher, Alice teacher, John farmer at the Mountain, Nora Sister Nora St Joseph's Convent, Corene nurse, Louis, Margaret, Imelda. Ellen McCarthy is the daughter of John McCarthy and Ellen Kiley / Kiely. (Kealey?) Thank You Darlene Paquette
July 1, 2009: The newspaper "The Madawaska Highlander" contains stories and history for the Greater Madawaska area in Renfrew County. "To demonstrate the sort of history article that we have been writing over the last six years I refer you to the website of Greater Madawaska in Renfrew County where we have histories of the major villages and the Madawaska River for that site. The internet address is: If you go to the top of the page and click on History you will be able to view the five individual stories on that site. We have published around 40 issues of the Madawaska Highlander over the last five and a half years and everyone of them has a history story and sometimes two. Here is the link to our history of Mount Saint Patrick: Early days in Mount St. Patrick and Dacre By Bill Graham, Editor: The Madawaska Highlander "
June 7, 2012: We usually associate settlement at Mount St. Patrick with folks from Ireland. In fact, as you can see on the memorial, above, many German families came to the Mountain. Many of them are recorded as living close together in German communities, in the early days, in the census records starting in 1881. Below is a photograph of Albert Friske and his wife Rose Rusch who came from Berlin, Germany.
Albert Friske and his wife Rose Rusch at Mount Saint Patrick, Ontario, Canada
Photo Credit: page 31 in Carol Bennett McCuaig's book People of St. Patrick's. See our bibliography
March 28, 2016: Thanks to Adrienne Bjorndahl for this photograph which she posted today to the Facebook Group "The Valley Spreader".
The Holy Well at Mount St. Patrick's, Ontario, Canada
The Holy Well at Mount Saint Patrick, Ontario, Canada

April 7, 2017: Thanks to Michel Racicot for the following information which was posted to a Facebook Group: MARRIAGES PERFORMED AT THE ROMAN CATHOLIC PARISH OF MOUNT ST. PATRICK, RENFREW, ONTARIO 1846-51 (at the time of the Great Famine in Ireland) John Ahern / Ahearn & Honora Philban / Philbin, Jan 12, 1847 David Behan & Margaret Power, Aug 13, 1850 John Bennet / Bennett & Bridget Mulloy / Malloy, Jan 12, 1851 Alexandre Bona--Bonin & Cecilia Galin, Nov 6, 1848 Hugh Brady & Alice Gallagher, June 29, 1848 Miles Cahill & Ann Brown, Feb 3, 1850 Patrick Callaghan & Catherin Sheas--Shea, Oct 13, 1850 Patrick Callaghan & Alice Grady, Feb 12, 1850 Owen Caughlin / Coughlin & Honora Shaunessy / Shaunnessy, Sept 21, 1846 Mathew Caughlin / Coughlin & Sera Hegerty / Hagarty, Apr 13, 1847 John Conahan & Ann Rodem, Apr 29, 1849 Peter Corner & Bridget Burke, Sept 12, 1848 James Corty & Catharine Caton, Jan 7, 1849 Ignatius Courta & Genevieve Puorka, Jan 7, 1849 Basil David & Elisabeth White, May 6, 1849 Mathew Devrin & Mary McGivri, Feb 12, 1850 William Dewyre / Dwyer & Sera Ryan, Apr 16, 1849 Patrick Dillan / Dillon & Margaret Sullivan, Feb 11, 1850 Timothy Dillon & Mary Ryan, Jan 19, 1851 Edward Dodge & Elise Tranchemontagne, Sept 11, 1848 Timothy Donohue & Bridget Griffin, Nov 30, 1850 Francis Donor & Catherine Donavan, July 27, 1846 Patrick Dooly / Dooley & Sera Autherson (Otterson ?), May 2, 1848 Patrick Driscoll & Sera Delory / Deleury, Feb 14, 1847 Edward Dubrie--Dubreuil & Adeline Bovan, Oct 16, 1848 William Dunlop & Mary Gallicia / Gillissie ?, Sept 11, 1848 James Durchan ? & Mary Brown, May 13, 1849 Eusebius & Margaret Kelly, July 30, 1848 Michael Enright & Catherine Hartney, Mar 2, 1848 Timothy Enright & Mary Connolay / Connolly, May 1, 1846 Desere Fayete & Adelphine Sargants, Feb 9, 1851 Archibald Philiatro--Filiatrault & Adeline Goyer, Sept 15, 1850 Eustace Philiatro--Filiatrault & Lucy Dalir--Dallaire, Feb 3, 1850 Toussaint Filiatro & Emily Brisco / Briscoe ?, Feb 27, 1848 Vital Philiatro--Filiatrault dit St Luis & Aluis Genard--Gmor, Oct 31, 1848 Peter Flanagan & Mary Kilfoil / Guilfoyle ?, Feb 25, 1848 John Foley & Mary Shanasy / Shaunnessy, May 9, 1847 John Gallaghhar & Jane Rea, Oct 15, 1848 John Gallagher & Ann Turner, June 19, 1851 John Glaney / Guinea ? & Mary Nordlan, Apr 8, 1850 Daniel Gorman & Catharine Riley, Jan 28, 1849 Austin Grimes & Bridget McNally, June 4, 1848 Timothy Hegarty & Margaret Caughlin, Jan 7, 1849 Denis Hegerty / Hagarty & Joana Griffin, Apr 8, 1850 Joseph Hurley & Anne Behan, June 30, 1850 Michael Jannon & Margaret O'Shaugnessy, Mar 5, 1848 Edward Kelly & Margaret O'Hare, Oct 21, 1849 John Kenedy & Catherine Rodin, June 26, 1848 Patrick Kenelly / Kenneally ?& Honora Madigan, May 1, 1851 John Kiely & Mary Donavan, May 7, 1850 Francis Lambert & Mary Gorman, May 2, 1848 Joseph LaDurantir & Emilia LaTin, Jan 8, 1846 Denis LaRom & Margaret Burk / Burke, May 12, 1850 Alfred LaSon & Elmir Laclere - Leclerc, Feb 11, 1850 John B. Lavin--Lavie & Catharine Murphy, Nov 14, 1848 Francis Lavois / Lavoie & Sera McMullen, Jan 7, 1847 John Lynch & Joana Crea, Dec 25, 1847 John Mahon & Honora Mcgonagh, Jan 7, 1849 Peter Mangan & Ellen Carty, June 24, 1849 Peter Mariam / Maion ? & Joanna Shields, Oct 19, 1846 Peter Marie & Sophia Jourdan / Jordan, Mar 4, 1848 Edward Marie--Mailloux & Mary Vandet--Vendette, May 21, 1848 James McCormick & Julia Ryan, Aug 25, 1850 Alexander McDonald & Catherine McGuire, Nov 27, 1846 John McDonell & Honora Sexton, Jan 7, 1849 Marius - Maurice McMahon & Ellen Rothurle, Apr 21, 1850 Anthony McNulty & Sera McCormick, Feb 12, 1850 Daniel Moriarty & Margaret Lynch, Jan 7, 1846 John Moriarty & Julia Brenen / Brennan, Feb 20, 1849 John Mullowny & Dibby Moriarty, May 9, 1847 Neal Mulvan & Alice Maher, May 20, 1849 Martin Mulvihill & Margaret Corlitto, Nov 12, 1849 Michael Mulvihil & Ellen Curtain, Nov 19, 1848 Patrick Murphy & Ann Murray, Apr 16, 1846 William O Connor & Sera McManus, Mar 3, 1851 Basil Padvan--Poitevin / Potvin ? & Mary McCormick, May 12, 1850 John B. Plante & Caroline Bovan / Boivin ?, July 22, 1849 Ceril Pontwa & Bridget Sexton, May 31, 1846 Edward Power & Ellen Behan, May 18, 1851 John Dunold-- Reynolds & Bridget Mulligan, May 5, 1849 James Rody & Honora Fergus, Sept 5, 1847 William Ryan & Lucy Laughris, Apr 14, 1846 James Scollard & Margaret Jourdan / Jordan ?, Apr 18, 1850 Daniel Scully & Catherine Culham / Culhane ?, June 13, 1849 Edward St. Pierre & Henrietta Doe, Mar 31, 1850 James Sullivan & Mary Connors, Feb 11, 1850 Thomas Suttin / Sutton & Mary Rowan, Apr 13, 1847 John Shudy / Sheedy & Mary Long, Feb 18, 1849 Martin Shudy / Sheedy & Mary Moriarty, Sept 7, 1850 Thomas Shudy / Sheedy & Ellen Delory / Deleury, Feb 14, 1847 Michael Shuty / Sheedy ? & Bridget Murray, Aug 28, 1849 William Tenant & Mary Coughlin, May 14, 1851 Christopher Tiaerny & Ann McCormick, Aug 30, 1847 Peter Trudell & Mary Shield, June 8, 1851 John B. Vandette / Vendette & Mary Relehein, July 2, 1848 Aleck Walsh & Sera Kilby, Jan 28, 1849
April 29, 2017:
Source for next image: The Kerry Chain, The Limerick Link, By Carol Bennett McQuaig, page 15. From County Kerry to Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada, during the Irish Famine
I believe that the Lane family was related to the Gideon Lane family who settled close to and became related to my Burns ancestors in Osgoode Township, now part of the City of Ottawa. ... Al July 6, 2018: Photographs of the grave markers in the Mount Saint Patrick Cemetery - By
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