Charles Wesley "Teachester" MUNRO / MUNROE
Glengarry County to Bytown (Ottawa) to Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

September 13, 2005:
Greetings: I am interested in further tracing the parents of my GGGrandfather 
Charles Wesley "Teachester" Munro(e). Born 1819-20 in Glengarry County Ontario, 
"moved to Bytown as a lad", arrived in Lanark County in the early 1850's and died 
there arouind 1898. Do you know of any material I may research to provide the 
information regarding CWT Munro's parents and siblings? 
... Dick Munro, Crawfordsville, Indiana USA.   
(p.s the name "Teachester" has me confused as well. 

Hello Mr. Munro:
Thanks for your e-mail.
The following 1881 census records are probably your ancestor's family:
 Census Place: Carleton Place, Lanark South, Ontario, Canada
 Source: FHL Film 1375869  NAC C-13233  Dist 111  SubDist H  Page 23  Family 106
 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace
Charles MUNROE Male Married age 60 Scottish born in Ontario
 Occ: Labourer Religion: Church of England (Episcopal / Anglican)
Margret MUNROE F M 63 Scottish Ontario
   Religion: Church of England 
Catherine MUNROE F  30 Scottish Ontario
 Occ: Factory Hand Religion: Church of England 
Mary MUNROE F  20 Scottish Ontario
 Occ: School Teacher Religion: Church of England 
John Gilmor MUNROE M  23 Scottish Ontario
 Occ: Book Keeper Religion: Church of England 
Sophrone MUNROE F  11 Scottish Ontario
   Religion: Church of England 
The family was apparently living in the town of Carleton Place, Ontario in 1881. 
It's about 25 miles west of downtown Ottawa, Canada. I was there this morning, actually.
Now, what would be good is if we could find a birth record for Charles in a Church of 
England located in Glengarry County (about 60 miles east of Ottawa). The town of Maxville 
is the centre of the large Scottish settlement there. My wife is from there and is of 
Scottish descent and knows all of the churches in the area. There are lots of Munroes 
in that area and the main Funeral home in Maxville is the "Munroe Funeral Home". 
You should try a google for Munroe Funeral Home and get in touch with them. 
They may be your family or at least could steer you in the right direction.
With your permission, I'd also like to add your information and e-mail address 
to my web site. We may hear from other researchers in Glengarry or Lanark. Please 
let me know if this is OK with you.
... Al Lewis
Ottawa, Canada

Thank you Al for your quick response.  
You indeed have found the right Munro(e)s.  I too have been to Carleton Place, 
on three occasions. I found CWT's burial ground with grave stone. I was even shown 
the home where he died, an original of his funeral announcement and other items by 
a kind lady in CP. In addition I have found the 1851 census of Beckwith Twp, Lanark 
County which shows Charles Munro (no "e") lliving on Concession#11, Lot 15P, married 
to Maragret Munro with a 13 year old child William Munro. I have good reason to believe  
wife "Margaret" was previously married into the Moore family there and "William" is her 
child by that marriage.

So I have traced him forward from Glengarry Ontario, moving to Bytown "as a lad" and 
then into Lanark County around 1850. What I have been unable to do is locate the names 
of his parents. William Thomas Munro(e) seems to be a somewhat educated "guess" since 
his first born son was given that name. (Not the "William" in the 1851 census.)

Yes, I have visited Glengarry County, even met the the Munro's at the Funeral home in 
Maxville. I was told there were two main branches of Munro's in Glengarry County. 
None of which has any mention of a Charles or Wesley anywhere in the family tree. 
They all seem to believe CWT was not a member of their family.....and left me to
my own pursuits. 

Indeed I had planned to return to Glengarry and Lanark Counties on September 11th 
of this year. However the Hurricane Katrina tragedy caused me to change those plans 
and hold my vacation time for use in the Gulf coast area.
One more item: I have a printout from some internet source which says 
"The Province of Ontario did not register births before July 1869. (CWT was born in 
1819-20) The only documents that might have recorded a birth are christening or baptism 
records. These are church records. A small number of these are in the Archives of 
Ontario. scattered in Church, local and university archives and the National Archives 
of Canada." This is why I was headed to that area this week.

So my question remains...Do you, or your wife, know of any materials I may research 
(in Glengarry County specifically) which will help me in this research.  One 
researcher believes the name Charles Wesley suggests strong Methodist ties. But I 
haven't been able to find any Methodist Churches in the Glengarry area in 1819.  
Also do you have any clue as to what is this name "Teachester" might be about? 
I have two pieces of evidence that this was part of his name or a nickname of some sort.
Thanks for any help you might give.  Yes you may use any of this information on the internet.
... Dick Munro 
New June 20, 2010: Still interested in JCW Teachester Munro? We found a photo of him in my mother-in-law's effects. On the back it says, "Father's photo, taken in St. Johns, Michigan, USA, the winter he lived with Louisa and me after Mother died back in 1896." In different handwriting, it describes him as a Methodist. Feel free to post. Is there a family tree somewhere? I have a box of photos I'm restoring and posting on flickr. I'll send the link when I reach a critical mass. ... Jennifer ____________________________________ Greetings from Dick Munro. This is amazing information... if we are talking about the same man. I provided the basic info about my GGGrandfather CWT Munro (without the "John") on the Bytown or Bust page. If any of you have additional information ...let me know by reply email. Let's see if were talking about the same guy. Thanks ... Dick Munro Photo of Charles

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