Munster Hamlet in Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada
History and Genealogy
(now part of the City of Ottawa)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

April 1, 2010:

Munster Hamlet was named for the province of Munster in Ireland although only a few of the pioneer families in the 
Munster Hamlet area came from that area in Ireland. Most of the pioneers came from County Cavan and 
Kilkenny starting in the 1820's. The early McFarlane family came from Scotland.

Map Source: McGill University Digital Maps, Goulbourn Township in 1879 Names of settlers in 1879: Butler, McFarlane, Duncan, Hill, Tubman, Massey, Williams, Hobbs, Lackey, Cavanaugh, William Garvin (see Mr. Garvin in the photo of the Munster Militia, below), Fee, Shillington, Anderson, Brady (Bradley?), Higginson. The Jock River is shown on the western side of the village. Munster Hamlet Map, Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada, 1879
Munster Hamlet Sign School Number 5 at Munster Hamlet, 1890
Sign for Saunders Farm, Munster Hamlet, Ontario, Canada Map for Saunders Farm in Munster Hamlet, Ontario, Canada
Visit the Saunder's Farm Web Site
Munster United Church Munster Orange Lodge

The building below is now the home of the Munster Hamlet Library. It was previously a church. The United Church of Canada (see picture above) was created at the time of Church Union in 1925. It is likely that church below was originally a Methodist Church and it probably amalgamated with the United Church to become the Munster United Church. (I'll make a trip back to confirm this ... Al) The United Church of Canada is the largest Protestant church in Canada today.
Munster Hamlet Library

October 27, 2011: Hi Al: I am presuming that this picture might be of the Carleton Blazers but I'm not certain if there were different regiments in Munster. I note the captain is a William Garvin (see his location on 1879 map, above). (My Garvin connection is to John Garvin & Jessie Hogan). I don't know who any of the other men are in this picture. Maybe some of our readers will be able to name these men. ... Linda Falls
Munster Hamlet Militia Picture

April 27, 2015: The Munster Union and Shillington Cemeteries are two of the oldest cemeteries in Carleton County, Ontario. Here are some of the pioneer settlers and their years of birth: These and many more death reord are recorded in the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society Publication 97-08-13 James HILL 1785 Mary HILL 1789 Esther BEGGS 1778 Catherine BRADY 1794 Catherine BROOKS 1794 Barbara BROWNLEE 1788 Thomas BROWNLEE 1788 Andrew BURNS 1797 (minister at Stanley Corners?) Ann BURNS 1798 James BUTLER 1792 ? CHAMBERS 1787 William GORDON 1758 Francis GRAHAM 1800 John GREEN 1799 Henry HARE 1774 Jane HARE 1785 Nancy HERRON 1794 Thomas HERRON 1796 Hugh Houston 1784 Deborah KERFOOT 1798 George KERFOOT 1796 Robert LINDSAY 1784 William McFARLANE 1798 Mary MOFFET 1780 MOFFATT Robert MONTGOMERY 1783 Jane NEELIN 1782 Michael NEELIN 1781 WILLIAm NEELIN 1780 Mary NEILIN 1779 Barbara ROBINSON 1780 Barbara SHILLINGTON 1780 Thomas SHILLINGTON 1777 (Shillington Avenue in Ottawa) Deborah SMITH 1798 J.S. SMITH 1775 Mary SMITH 1763 Andrew TRIMBLE 1793 Barbara TRIMBLE 1788 Hugh WILSON 1780

New September 22, 2015: The Morton and Higginson families may have travelled together from Balinderry, County Antrim, Ireland to the Munster Hamlet neighbourhood in Goulbourn Township. Here is an excerpt from the 1863 Wallings Map of Carleton County, showing the Morton and Higginson farms. Note: This map is slightly offset -- there is a blank area which was not properly scanned. Notice also that on the 1863 map Higginson is spelled as "Hickison". To see a very good wall-sized copy of this map at Watson's Mill in Manotick, Ontario. Bring your camera to get close-ups.
1863 Map of Munster Hamlet in Goulbourn Township, Ottawa

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