James, John and Ellen MURDOCK
Weavers from County Mayo, Ireland to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, c. 1834

June 8, 2008:

Hello, I am trying to find the ship my ancestors who came from County Mayo Ireland to 
March Township Ontario in 1836 about. Two brothers James Murdock & John Thomas Murdock and 
a sister Ellen Murdock immigrated together.

James had a wife Honora Tunny and three children: Thomas, John and James.
John was also married to Anna Tunny a sister to Honora. I have searched through Peter 
Robinsons passenger list and a few others with no luck at all...any leads to where I should 
be looking? Any help would be apprieciated..Thanks!

... Perry Murdock


Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Murdock ancestors in March Township.
I just checked the records of Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa and the Murdocks 
show up in the mid-1830's and seem to have been popular best men at quite a few marriages. 
They are connected to many of the early families in the Huntley / March area and appear to
have been close to a Catholic Major family.
The only suggestion I have as to which ship they sailed on is to check at http://www.theshipslist.com/.
There are a lot of records there, including steamship records between Quebec City and 
Montreal. I'm not sure if the 1834-36 period have been transcribed or not.

I believe that one of the Murdoch brothers is referred to as "Murdoch the weaver" in a list
of persons who had done work for Hamnett Pinhey. The Major family are
also on that list and there is a photo of Horaceville, the Pinhey Estate on that page also.
This is on the Ottawa River, north of the village of Dunrobin and is now part of the City of

Here are some church records from the Drouin Collection at ancestry.ca:

December 9, 1834 (this may be the year the family arrived in Canada)
Baptism of Helen, daughter of  Unknown McConnell and Ann McConnell (MacDonald)
Godparents: Timothy O'Meara & Helen / Ellen Murdoch

15 Nov 1835
Baptism of William, son of James Bruce ? and Helen Murdoch (not sure about the surname Bruce)
Witness: Richard MacDonald

26 Mar 1837
Baptism of Ann, aged 7 wks., daughter of James Bruce ? and Ellen Murdoch
Robert Brennan & Catherine Unknown

13 Feb 1838
Baptism of Sarah, born 14 Sept 1837 of the marriage of Patrick Myer (Meara?) and Ellen ?
James Murdoch & Honora Murdoch

13 Feb 1838
Baptism of Ellen, born 11 Nov 1837 of the marriage of James Murdoch and Honora Tunny 
or Lunney or Tunney
John Murdoch & Ellen Major

12 Jul 1840
Baptism of Ellen, aged 8 mos., daughter of Patrick Major and Ellen Murdoch
James Murdoch & Mrs. Tormy / Tunny / Tormey

12 Jul 1840
Baptism of Mary, aged 12 mos., daughter of James Murdoch and Honora Tunny
John Murdoch (brother of James) & Mrs. Major

3 Aug 1840
After three publications of banns, marriage of John Murdoch, yeoman, to
Ann Torny / Tunny both of the Township of March
Patrick Major, Mrs. Murdoch & Honore Danis (church official)

... Al
Hey Al, 
Thanks for checking up on my relatives...Notre Dame Cathedral is a place I never considered...
I have checked the shiplist and they have not been transcribed as of yet. That would be nice 
of you to set up a web page, you have my permission to do so. It was a pleasure talking to you...Take care!
... Perry Murdock  
Portage-Du-Fort Quebec
Hey Al,
Thank you very much for your efforts...it is very much appreciated. James and John both 
were wool weavers, and James son Richard married Bridget Major ... The Murdocks and the 
Majors were very close related Families. Ellen has been a ghost for me to research...I 
have very little info on her...I'm wondering if it might be because she Married and used 
her new Surname instead of Murdock. Take care, Talk to you soon!
New June 10, 2008: Ellen married Patrick Major. They baptized a daughter, Ellen, at Notre Dame in 1840. ... Al
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