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New April 9, 2016:

It was great for my sister Diane and I to meet you both at Gene-O-Rama 16 earlier this week. A busy 
and informative Saturday, indeed. I asserted to Allan that one of these days I would submit some material
about another Murphy family from the Mountain Road at Hollow Glen. Our family research kept being confused 
and confounded by a number of other Murphy families along the same road below the escarpment using similar 
names and marrying into the same neighbour families.  And I kept running into Mulvihills, Daleys and 
Crilleys. I reference where Anson Gard's 1906 book, Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa, where I can.

Below I submit an outline of some what we've learned so far. Use the material as you see
fit ... although I'd suggest you start a new page @ Bytown or Bust. 

Patrick Murphy (b. 1799 or 1801) from Callan in Co. Kilkenny and Anastasia Welsh (1808 - April 1884)
also of Co. Kilkenny. They were married there in January 1834. Their children were Bridget (b. Nov.1836),
John (b.1837), Catherine (b. Sept. 1839), Martin (b. Sept. 1841, Mary (b. 1846), Anastasia (b. Nov. 1850)
and Anna (b. 1852). The family emigrated about 1864.

Bridget Murphy married Joseph Laviolette on Jan.9, 1865 in Saint-Paul, QC.
John Murphy m. Mary Crilley in 1861. (ref. Anson Gard, pg. 301).
Catherine Murphy m. John Cooney on Apr. 2, 1878 in Saint Brigid's, Montreal.
Martin Murphy m. Mary Ann Goody on Nov. 20, 1882 in Ottawa.
Mary Murphy died Jan.27, 1924 in Ottawa.
Anastasia Murphy m. David Kelly on July 26, 1875 in Ottawa.
Anna Murphy m. Thomas Burke (b. 1842) of Co. Tipperary on Sept. 15, 1874 in Carleton Co. (ref. Anson Gard, pg. 298).

The children of Bridget and Joseph Laviolette were all born in Old Chelsea and include:
Anastasia (b.June 28, 1866) m. Edward Cooney,
Rose (b. Apr. 1, 18680) m. Richard Grimes of Saint-Basil of Portneuf, QC,
Catherine (b. June 11, 1870) m. John William Lapworth of Coventry, Warwick, UK.,
Joseph Patrick Laviolette (b. Apr. 28, 1873 - died in Old Chelsea, June 16, 1875), and
Bridget Mary (b. Nov.22, 1876) m. Robert Marshall of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK [who died in WWI and is
buried in Lijssenthoek Military Cemetary, Belgium].

The children of John Murphy and Mary Crilley include:
Margaret Murphy (b.?) m. Michael Leahey of Ireland,and
Anastasia Murphy (b. May 9, 1865) m. Thomas Furrie.

The children of Martin Murphy and Mary Ann Goody were born in Hollow Glen, Old Chelsea. [Note I have attd. a photo
of Martin and Mary Ann, my great grandparents.] The children include:
Patrick Murphy (b. Sept. 6, 1883) dnm.,

Mary Rose "Minnie" (b. Apr.20, 1885) dnm.,
Anastasia (b. Mar. 31, 1886) m. John Kealey of South March, Ont.,
Mary Ellen "Nell" (b. Nov. 11, 1890) m. Phillip Daly,
Mary Louisa and Mary Theresa "Tessie" (b. Nov. 29, 1892) dnm.,
Julia (b. Apr. 6, 1896) dnm.,
Martin Murphy (Apr. - Aug. 1898),
Mary J. Murphy (b. Sept. 10, 1899) dnm., and 
Catherine Alena (b. July 16, 1903) m. Edward Mulligan.

The children of Anna Murphy and Thomas Burke include:
Martin Burke (b. 1876),
Anastasia (b. 1878) m. an unknown Patrick Murphy,
Lisa (b. 1879),
Mary (1880-1913) m. Francis Mulvihill,
Bridget (b.1882) m. James Dunlop (son of Gabriel Dunlop and Ellen McCloskey),
Patrick Burke (b.1884), 
Thomas Burke (b. 1886),
John James Burke (b. 1888) and 
William Burke (b. 1890).

Family lore has it that my great grandfather Martin Murphy worked as a mason on the construction of the Parliament
buildings and worked his farm along the Mountain Rd. west of Old Chelsea. The farm house lay immediately at the foot
of the escarpment on the north side of the Mountain Rd. facing the Hollow Glen Rd. which bisected his farm. The
neighbours to the west were the Chamberlins. Martin's  son, my great uncle Pat Murphy ran the farm until his death
in the 1950's.  He donated land across the road for the schoolhouse at Hollow Glen and I have attd. a photo of him
that looks south at the schoolhouse.  The farm fields do not yet sprout the housing subdivisions of North Aylmer.
The farmhouse is long gone and the building site has disappeared into the Gatineau Park holdings.

Goody Mary Jane Goody Mary Jane 2

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