James MURRAY and Elizabeth BURROWS
Ireland to Goulbourn Township in the 1830's
Later to Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

April 5, 2012:

I also have other Ottawa Valley family connections from the 1800's, Howe (Hough), Jewell (to Pontiac County), Lee and several other more extended family names.  
One name however I have not been succesful in getting much info on is the families of William and Thomas Murray who were born in 
Goulbourn Township, at or near Richmond.  These two individuals became quite prominent citizens in the Pembroke, Ontario area serving in Municipal, 
Provincial and Federal political offices as well a being notable Merchants, hotel owners, town developers and Contractors in 
regions extending further up the Ottawa Valley, and into Northern Ontario.  I would be pleased to hear if you have links to people 
with more information on the Murray's.

Here is some info I have on Thomas and William Murray. They were born to James Murray (1811-1845) and Elizabeth Burrows (1819-1854), 
both originally from Ireland. James and Elizabeth were married in Richmond at St. Phillips 09 Feb. 1835.  I understand James Murray 
was the proprietor of a tavern in Richmond.  He died in an accident (horse?) in 1845.  Together James and Elizabeth had 4 surviving children, 
Thomas (1836-1915), Michael (1837-1861), William (1839-1898), and Edward (1843-1865). A 5th child John was born and died in 1845.  
Elizabeth remarried my g-g-grandfather Thomas Bourke in Richmond in 1849. All were RC. Elizabeth and Thomas Bourke / Burke had 3 children, 
John my g-grandfather (1849), Elizabeth (1851-1919) and James (1854-1930).  Elizabeth died shorthly after the birth of James the 3rd 
child. All these children were born in Goulbourn Township, Richmond.  Thomas Bourke remarried later to Mary Ann Laffin and they had 9 
more children most of whom were born in the Smiths Falls area.

Thomas Murray William Murray Photo of Thomas Murray Photo of William Murray
Now getting back specifically to Thomas and William Murray. Thomas (1836-1915) married Jane Copeland. I'm not aware of children from this marriage. William Murray had two marriages, first to Magaret Foran, they had 10 children and secondly to Elizabeth O'Meara with whom he had another 4 children. In my previous email I mentioned I was looking for more information on Thomas and William Murray. The information I'm primarilly interested in is focused on learning more about their commercial endeavours and accomplishments. They were important citizens via their political service which is available but I have only general info and snippits of information on the mercantile and commercial part of their accomplishments. I am interested in knowing if there is a source of information that might address this and more biographical things about their lives. This interest is in part connected to trying to understand what influence Thomas Bourke might have had on the development of Thomas and William as such outstanding individuals. I understand that Thomas and William Murray moved to Pembroke, Ontario about 1858. I do have some images of Thomas and William that I sourced on the net and Wikipedia. (see attached references and separately attached to this email are the portrait images). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search/Thomas_Murray_(Canadian_politician http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Murray_(Canadian_politician) The article on Thomas indicates he was a businessman in Ottawa before moving to Pembroke. Also on the net is an article on the current day Murphy Funeral home which I understand was originally the home of Thomas see ref. This link is one of the snippets of info that I have found referring to some of the Murray's business interests. http://www.murphyfuneralhome.ca/Our_History_-32176.html I would be pleased if you started a page on the Murray - Burrows. I'm sure there must be more info out there on this accomplished family. Note that in looking for info to respond to you the Wikipedia link to Thomas acknowledges a second wedding by Thomas to an Emma Alice Foran in 1901. The Foran family name is the same as William's first wife who I understand was Margaret Mary Foran. (This Foran family may be related to the family of John Foran. Some interesting letters were written from Newfoundland to the Foran family back home in Ottawa). Transcribed by Mary Quinn. With respect to Thomas Bourke (1821-1900), I do not have parent info but my information shows he was born in County Mayo, Ireland and arrived in Canada in 1839. He initially lived in Perth, Ontario then later he was in Goulbourn Township then again later in Montague Township, Lanark County and still later in Belleville. Thomas for some years was a Maltster and Brewer and owned a brewery in Smiths Falls. He spent his last 5 years or so and died in North Bay, Ontario where his first son via Elizabeth Burrows, John Bourke was a prominent citizen. John Bourke was the first mayor of North Bay, ON. and half-brother to Thomas and William Murray. John initially looked after the substantial business interests of Thomas and William there and did come to own much of the Murray Bros. interests when they divested their North Bay mining holdings. ... Bob Bourke
April 6, 2012: Thanks to Sue for the following additional information: My ancestor, Ann Murray, was born in King's county, Ireland in 1813. The names of both King's County and Queen's County in Ireland were changed to the Gaelic names after independence was achieved for the Republic of Ireland. One is now named County Offaly and the other is now County Laois ... Al). Her parents were John and Jane Murray. John died in Goulbourn sometime before 1842 and Jane, born 1782, died in Carleton county in August of 1874. The family emigrated from Ireland about 1823/1824 and by 4 Feb 1824 owned 100 acres of land of E 1/2 No 21 in the 9th concession of Goulbourn, Carleton county. The children they had that I know of were (all born in Ireland): Michael (married Mary Simple (Semple or Sample ?) in Notre Dame in Bytown in 1833), James (married Elizabeth Burrows), Ann (married John Tierney at Notre Dame in 1832) , Ellen (married James Copeland), Edward (married Ann Burrows), and Jane (married James John McKay). I have son James born abt 1811 in King's county, Ireland and dying in Goulbourn on 2 Dec 1844. Information re emigration and county of origin in Ireland comes from the 1892 book Prominent men of Canada : a collection of persons distinguished in professional and political life, and in the commerce and industry of Canada. I have quite a bit of information of the children of John and Jane if you are interested. Sue
The Murray Coat of Arms Murray Coat of Arms

April 27, 2012: Sue: Thanks for the notice you added to the James Murray and Elizabeth Burrows site. I'm sure the Thomas and William Murray I was querying on are sons of the James Murry you noted as a son of John and Jane Murray of your records. The information I have on James Murray is that he was born in Kings County Ireland but my death info varies slightly and has him dated as dying in Goulbourn on 09 Dec 1845. It is my understanding he died as a result of a horse accident. Either there may have been Murray (another family member ?) in the business or my information could be inaccurate. If you could add anything and/or if you can provide more info on the children of John and Jane I would appreciate it. I also have some info on the children of James Murray (1811-1845). Thanks Bob _________________________________ Actually it was a Burrows family who had the tavern at Franktown, down the road in Lanark County. Possibly the same Burrows who show up in the St. Philip's records ... Al
New May 9, 2012: Hi Al and Sue I do have a Joseph Murray, (1887-1937) who married a Stella O'Brien, ( 1890-1937). This Joseph Murray was a son of William Murray, (1839-1898) and his second wife Elizabeth O'Meara, (1858-1938). Joseph and Stella had 6 children. My information comes from info provided by a family member and researcher. Thank you for forwarding this information. Bob Bourke
Photo Source: The book O'BRIEN by Scott Young and Astrid Young, page photo insert, near page 150 Marriage of Joseph Murray and Stella O'Brien, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
Stella O'Brien was a daughter of M. J. O'Brien and Jane Barry of Renfrew Ontario, railway contractor and owner of silver mines in Northern Ontario. He was appointed to the Senate of Canada in 1918.

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