Algonquin First Nations Reserves in the Ottawa, Canada Area

January 26, 2013:

The following links point to the web sites of the main Algonquin Nation Reserves in the Ottawa Valley. See also our 
main web page for Native Canadian History.

 April 14, 2015:

Thanks to Peggy Fraser who has sent along the link to the Ardoch First Nations Web Site and also
a link to an Honours M.A. Thesis by Susan B. DeLisle called Coming out of the shadows: Asserting identity and authority in a layered homeland:
The 1979-82 Mud Lake wild rice confrontation. 
This is a very wide-ranging yet detailed paper regarding the Mud Lake Wild Rice Confrontation.
Keywords Manomin, Manoomin (the Algonquin word for Wild Rice).

Golden Lake (Algonquins of Pikwakanagan)  Golden Lake Algonquin Band Census of 1911

   February 13, 2013:
   •  The Library of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society has a publication containing the Cemetery Transcriptions 
      of Our Lady of the Nativity Roman Catholic Cemetery on the Golden Lake Reserve (now called Pikwakanagan). (search their catalogue for "Golden Lake" (no quotes)
   • Web Site of the Algonquin Nation at Golden Lake, Ontario, Canada

   • Algonquin Land Claims in the Province of Ontario

Kitigan Zibi Ashinabeg at Maniwaki, Quebec (Algonquin)

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