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November 24, 2011::

This is a new web page with more to come. It`s late in April, the rivers and lakes are ice-free it's time to
turn to canoeing, fishing and enjoying the outdoors. There are several wonderful lakes in the area of Ompah, Ontario and the region has
a very interesting history. A field-trip is in order!

Source for Text, below is page 72 of Michael Dawber's book Where the Heck is Balaheck - Unusual Place Names from Eastern Ontario
Keywords: First Nations, Mississippi River
Palmerston Lake Map, Ompah, Ontario, Canada
Map Source, below: Extracted from Topographic Map "Clyde Forks", Ontario, Canada, Scale 1:50,000 produced by the Surveys and Mapping Branch of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, 1984. This map shows the village of Ompah, Ontario, Canada and three major nearby lakes, Palmerston Lake, Mosque Lake and Canonto Lake. Palmerston Lake Map, Ompah, Ontario, Canada

Mosque Lake, shown on the southwest corner of the map is an excellent lake for canoeing and fishing for Rainbow Trout. It used to be a good lake trout lake but Rainbows are annually stocked in the lake now. Palmerston Lake is large, deep and watch out for the wind. It contains Lake Trout. Canonto Lake is adjacent to Palmerston and has lots of walleyes (pickerel). There are vehicle parking and boat launches to access all three lakes. See our page of historic canoe routes in the Ottawa and Gatineau Valleys.
October 16, 2014: Hello, I found your page dealing with the history of Ompah, Ontario. My family was from there during the late 19th end of WW1. I have found a lot about them, but I am so curious if there are any photographs of their farm, or if their farm still remains. They were Emma and William McDougall, and their children were Gordon (was in WW1 with 20th Battalion CEF), Maggie, Coral, Theresa, and Kenneth. The farm was right across from the corner of Lothlorien road on River Road, according to records, and I am curious if anything still exists there from the original property (from google maps, the plot area seems to still be cleared with some sort of dwelling on it, not sure if original or not). I would greatly appreciate it if you know of some way or someone that could help me on this inquiry, or some type of photo either antique, or of the property now. Also, could you confirm what school they would have gone to in the early 1900s? Ompah, as I have heard rumours that they had to walk around 8 km to the next town in those days. The children went to the "little Ardoch Road school" and i haven't found where that used to or still exists. I am also curious if you may know where this one photo may have been taken in there area, (below). They are in fact unknown relatives of mine, a photo that existed from the McDougall's in Ompah. I am wondering if this dam may be familiar?
Dam near Ompah, Ontario, Canada, early 1900's?
Here are some of the portraits I have, the top is my Great-Great Grandpa William McDougall, 2nd is his two daughters Maggie and Maxine McDougall, 3rd, his son Pte. William Gordon McDougall in uniform 1918, 20th Battalion CEF, and last his daughter Teresia McDougall. Some of the children I have no photos, and no photos of their property, and i am waiting for a relative to get around sending one of their mother.
William McDougall, near Ompah, Ontario, Canada (Renfrew County)
Maggie and Maxine McDougall (sisters) William Gordon McDougall, Canadian Expeditionary Force, WW1
Theresa McDougall
Thank you, will talk soon, ... David Chandler
September 22, 2016: Here is an example of a free grant of land given to Mr. Garrett Martin in the Ompah area in 1877.
Theresa McDougall

Free land was given to new settlers in the western part of Renfrew County in the late 1840's. Map Source: Away and Back in Clarendon and Miller Townships, by C. A. Armstrong, 1991, page 20. More information about researching your ancestor's land grants in Upper Canada / Ontario. ... Al
New December 6, 2019:
Here is a painting by Frederick William Hutchison, c. 1940. This house was likely built in the late 19th century and it is from my book about the Ottawa artist William Brymner who was also the top man at the Public Archives of Canada. This painting is from the book: William Brymner, Artist, Teacher, Colleague published in 2010 by the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, ISBN 978-1-55339-251-4, page 106. Mr. Hutchison painted this scene at Charlevoix in the Province of Quebec. Painting by Frederick William Hutchison, c. 1940

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