Patrick O'REILLY
County Cavan, Ireland to Onslow Township, Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada

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    Yes, I am from Sudbury and remember our meeting at Tim Horton's in Deep River. My name is Robert O'Reilly. 
	Unfortunately, I am not related to the Muldoons on your side of the family. Church records from both my 
	mother and father are available at St. Mary's Church in Quyon, Quebec.

     My father's name was also Robert. He had three siblings - William, Edmond and Mary Jane. He also had 
	 step-siblings - Martin, Maurice and Maggie. My grandfather's name was Patrick and my great grandfather 
	 who came from County Cavan in Ireland was Maurice. He married a woman named Johanna Sheehan. My uncle 
	 William wed a woman named Adeline Vallillee. My uncle Ed married a woman named Irene Moyle. My aunt 
	 Mary Jane wed a man named Peter Moyle ( no relation). Martin and Maurice left to lumberjack in British 
	 Columbia and were never heard from again. This is because my uncle William was the oldest male in the 
	 second family and would inherit the farm.

     My  paternal grandfather obviously married twice. His first wife was Julia Davis who died after giving 
	 birth to Maggie. His second wife, and my grandmother, was Elizabeth Hickey. I do not know how many 
	 siblings he had, but I know of three - Dave, Robert and Marguerite. The latter was grandmother to Dave Keon, 
	 the great Maple Leaf hockey player. These records originally came from St. Brigid's Church in North Onslow 
	 Township but the church has since been closed and all records moved to St. Mary's. The tombstones are still there.

     My maternal grandmother's name was Annie Cooney. My maternal grandfather was Michael Muldoon. Their offspring 
	 were: Mary Teresa (my mother), Gladys and Lorena ( both who died young,)  Monica, Mildred and Doris, 
	 The males were: Francis and Albert (twins), James, and Michael. I hope this information helps you. 


Here are some records from the 1901 (or 1911, I have to re-check the year) Census for Onslow Township showing some  
O'Reilly and Davis families who were neighbours at that time on the 6th Range. Another famiy living nearby were 
the "GAVINs" who are likely the proprietors Gavan's Hotel in Quyon. See our page for Pontiac County.

Patrick O'Reilly in Onlow Township, Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada in 1911

Patrick O'Reilly in Onlow Township, Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada in 1911

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... Al

from Bob ... 

Thank you, Al. Patrick O'Reilly did not marry Johanna Sheehan. She was his mother. His father was Maurice. Patrick was born in 1865. 
This makes me believe that Maurice came from Ireland during the famine years.

... Bob

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