Low, Quebec, and the construction of the Paugan Dam in the 1920's

October 31, 2007:

Hi Al: 
Here are the pictures I have from my grandfather Archie Myles of the construction of the Paugan Dam. 

... Garry McFadden
Paugan Dam (1) Paugan Dam (2) Paugan Dam (3) Paugan Dam (4) Paugan Dam (5) Paugan Dam (6) Paugan Dam (7)

November 26, 2009:
Source for the following text is Up the Gatineau, Number 6, by the Historical Society of the Gatineau, 1980, page 23 Low, Quebec, Canada
Surnames for the search engine: Mrs. Ruggles Fitzpatrick, Wilson and Gracey.

January 17, 2017: Carmen Rochon has sent along almost 1,000 historical newspaper clippings from the Ottawa Journal covering the period beginning about 1898. We have been posting batches of these clippings to three Facebook Groups, Bytown or Bust, the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, and the Fort Coulonge, La Passe, and Westmeath History Forum. Consider following some of these groups to connect with many other genealogical researchers. To go along with Garry McFadden's wonderful original photographs, above, the following is an article from the Ottawa Journal, dated October 3, 1969. This article, from Carmen Rochon, gives us some historical background to Garry's contemporary photographs. The world is good.
Paugan Dam (Clip 1) Paugan Dam Clip 2 Paugan Dam Clip 3

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