John PIERCE and Catherine MORRIS
99th Regiment of Foot
Settler in Goulbourn Township

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My connection is daughter Mary Ann Pierce married Benjamin Parkinson (born ~1803 Chorley, England) buried St James Anglican 
Church Hull, Que. (I can share much on this line plus a picture of Benjamin that should be preserved ... Debby Parkinson Worden)

John Pierce ancestry

By Debby Parkinson Worden on Friday, August 28, 2015 at 8:12 PM

They  were English, but the family came to Ireland with Cromwell at the time of the Irish Rebellion  7th century. 

Family settled in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

John's father owned a mill and lands, but because Our John was the youngest, he joined the 100th Irish Regiment .

In 1806 he was in Quebec City and married Catherine Morris. She was born 1784

Her grandfather came to Quebec with the British & fought with General Wolfe at Battle of Plains of Abraham (1759). 
This war ended the French & Indian Wars.

1811 part of 100th reg moved to Three Rivers, Quebec for garrison duty. John and his family were there.

1812 John and his unit sent to Niagara Peninsula

1814 July fought at Lundy's Lane (Niagara Falls) under General Brock. Family history said he was wounded in left arm but continued 
to fight until battle ended. There is a Cairn at Niagara that commemorates the valor of 100 Irish Regiment men. 
John and family returned to Ireland.

1815 June 100th Regiment re-grouped when Napoleon escaped from Elba and John sent with Duke of Wellington for war in Waterloo, Belgium.

1816 John, Catherine and Margaret lived in Paris

1817 Jane Pierce daughter born in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

1821 John Pierce son born in Enniskillen

1822 Whole family moved to Quebec City and spent 5 weeks visiting MORRIS family

1825 John Pierce went to Richmond and bought land 7th line Goulbourn from a settler that wished to leave.

1825, May 12 Mary Ann daughter born in Richmond

1825 Sept 1 John Pierce Con 1 Lot E 1/2 of 21 100acres

1828, April 2 Document John Pierce Irish immigrant Goulbourn Township did terms of settlement& entitled to a patent grant.

1828 Fanny daughter born Richmond

1839 John built home and cleared 10a, but had to abandon as land around house filled with backwater from a mill owned by 
George Lyon C2 lot 21 (UCLP 1839 pg 21-67

1839 Feb John's death, he was on C8

By Debby Parkinson Worden on Friday, August 28, 2015 at 8:12 PM

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