Edmond or Edward POLLARD
Ireland to Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada in 1825

New April 3, 2012:

Looking at your list of Peter Robinson settlers I could not see Edward or Edmond Pollard. 
From a letter that he had written to the government I know that he arrived with the Peter Robinson settlers in 1825.  
He also said in that letter that he had a  wife and five children.  Where could I find the list of settlers from 1825?  
I have looked everywhere and cannot find anything but the list from 1823.  Edmond and his family settled in Ramsay Township, 
Lanark County.  
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sherril Nephew

Hi Sherril:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding the family of Edmond / Edward Pollard.
This is interesting. I can find no reference to the name Pollard in Carol Bennettís book, The Peter Robinson Settlers, 1823 1825. 
However, there is a link to a list of the 1825 settlers on Roberta OíBrienís web site at  
and there is a lot of interesting material there. 
Ramsay Township is within the geographical area covered by my web site, www.bytown.net. Iíll have a look in the records I have 
here for the Pollard surname and will get back to you in a day or so.
Do you have the name of Edward Pollardís wife? Were they Catholic or Protestant? Iíd like to set up a new web page on my 
site for this family, with your permission. With any luck, someone will have some information regarding 
the Pollards. Please let me know if a new web page would be OK with you.
Thanks again for this. 
... Al Lewis
Ottawa, Canada

Hi Al,
  Yes you can post my Pollard name.  As I mentioned to you Edmond Pollard wrote to the government in 1837.  He is listed in the 
  Ramsay Township lots by Maryiln Snedden.  Also there is a John Pollard in Beckwith.  My guess is that they are father and son, 
  John being the father OR they could be brothers.  Edmund states that he arrived 1825.  I don't know about John as I have 
  not looked at that land description to know what year he settled.  
   As I understand it there were about 16 names that were too faded to read in the 1825 list of Peter Robinson settlers. 
   This could be why the Pollards are not there.
   A James Darius Pollard was married in Grenville and listed his parents as Edward and Mary Jane (Miller) Pollard.  
   My guess is that Edmond and Edward are the same person.  James was born 1834 and my ggg grandmother was born 1820 or so.   
   In my ggg grandmother's obituary it says that the Pollards were from Northern Ireland and were Church of Ireland or Anglican.  
   I found the baptism for one of their daughters in Beckwith in the Ottawa Anglican Archives.
   A Peter Pollard sold the land in Ramsay Township.  Later a Peter Pollard is found in Grenville County, Wolford Township.
    Thanks Al for looking into this for me.
    Bye for now,
    Sherril Nephew
Groom's Name: James Darius Pollard  
Groom's Birth Date: 1834  
Groom's Birthplace: Canada  
Groom's Age: 29  
Bride's Name: Isabella Bedor  
Bride's Birth Date: 1844  
Bride's Birthplace: Canada  
Bride's Age: 19  
Marriage Date: 09 Sep 1863  
Marriage Place: Leeds And Grenville, Ontario  
Groom's Father's Name: Edward Pollard  
Groom's Mother's Name: Mary Jane Miller  
Bride's Father's Name: James Bedor  
Bride's Mother's Name: Mary Bouse  

... Sherril

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