Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada
Early Settlement and History

December 10, 2008:

Ramsay Township is part of Lanark County in Eastern Ontario, just west of the City of Ottawa.

The first organized settlement occurred during 1820 when many families of Scottish Lowlanders, (many weavers), from the Glasgow / Renfrewshire / 
Lanarkshire / Paisley areas were organized into "Emigration Societies" and came to Lanark County.

February 25, 2013:

The Birch Bark canoe was the best means of transportation in most parts of what is now Canada. Rivers and lakes were predominent
in the Pre-Cambrian Shield areas of Ontario and Quebec. While many farm families built flat-bottomed row boats, these boats were 
not as light and nimble as the canoe. This is another example of Euro-Canadians making use of practical Indigenous technology. 

For details, see Birchbark Canoe by David Gidmark.

A Birch Bark Canoe, likely made by members of the Algonquin Nation. R. Tait McKenzie at the Mill of Kintail Museum Source: Ramsay Reflections, 1836-1979, Ramsay Township Council, no ISBN, page 44. New March 31, 2013: Birch Bark Canoe, Ramsay Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
See a general history of Birch Bark canoes in the Ottawa and Gatineau Valleys. The second major settlement in the township came in an organized emigration of mostly Irish Roman Catholics from the County Cork area of Ireland. The names of these settlers, who arrived in 1823 are listed at our Peter Robinson Emigration page. The major urban centres in the Township are Almonte and Carleton Place. Other sites of historical interest are the Mississippi River, the Indian River, Clayton Village, and the textile manufacturing villages of Blakeney, Appleton and Rosebank. Map of Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada c. 1879 Source for map (above) and list of names (below): McGill University Digital Atlas Project Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Armstrong Charles Lanark Ramsay Farmer Fermanagh Co., Ireland Baird Andrew Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanark Tp.,Lanark Co., Canada Banning Ozias Lanark Ramsay Clayton Postmaster of Clayton L'Orginal, Ontario, Canada for 17 years Barker James Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada Black James Lanark Ramsay Farmer, Deputy Reeve of Ramsay Tp. Glasgow, Scotland Bond J.H. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Tinsmith Lanark Co., Canada Bowland John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Wicklow Co., Ireland Brill Benjamin Lanark Ramsay Almonte Baker Hull, Quebec, Canada Campbell Duncan Lanark Ramsay Almonte Tailor Scotland Cannon W.J. Lanark Ramsay Cleland John W. Lanark Ramsay Clayton School Teacher Lanarkshire, Scotland Cochran Andrew Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Stock Raiser Scotland Code John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Coffey John F. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Roman Catholic Priest Ottawa, Canada Cornett Robert Lanark Ramsay Builder Ireland Coulter Thomas Lanark Ramsay Almonte Clerk of Town and Township Ramsay Tp., Canada Cram Henry W. Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Brickmaker Beckwith Tp., Canada Devitt Alfred Lanark Ramsay Almonte Teacher, Ramsay Tp. London, England Dowdall P.C. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Chemist and Druggist Lanark Co., Canada Dowling Edward Lanark Ramsay Farmer Cork Co., Ireland Drummond Daniel Lanark Ramsay Miller, Clayton; Reeve in Ramsay Tp. Ramsay Tp., Canada Drummond Daniel Lanark Ramsay Farmer Perthshire, Scotland Drummond Peter Lanark Ramsay Farmer; ex-Councillor Perthshire, Scotland Duncan James Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada Duncan Robert Lanark Ramsay Farmer Paisley, Scotland

Dunlop George Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Foley Michael Lanark Ramsay Farmer Carlow Co., Ireland Fumerton Archibald W. Lanark Ramsay Appleton General Merchant; Hotel Proprietor Ramsay Tp., Canada Appleton Fumerton Robert A. Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada Galbraith Daniel Lanark Ramsay Almonte Member of Parliament Glasgow, Scotland Gemmill James D. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Retired Merchant; Major of Militia Lanark Co., Canada Gilmour John Lanark Ramsay Almonte Butcher Lanark Co., Canada Gilmour William Lanark Ramsay Farmer Scotland Hall F.A. Lanark Ramsay Barrister-at-law, High Scool Trustee, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Perth Hart Thomas Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada Hayden Robert W. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Tailor England Holliday Frank Lanark Ramsay Almonte Druggist Lanark Co., Canada Houston Joseph Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Kirkland Angus Lanark Ramsay Almonte Manager, Bank of Montreal, Almonte Kitson William Lanark Ramsay Lang John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada Lawson Walter Lanark Ramsay Almonte Livery and Sales Stable; Canada County Constable Lynch D.P. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Physician and Surgeon Allumette, Quebec, Can MacPherson Dougald Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Marshall Robert Lanark Ramsay Farmer; School Trustee Lanark Co., Canada McCrary Joseph Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ireland McDermott John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanark Co., Canada McDougall Peter Lanark Ramsay Blackeney Woollen Manufacturer, Perthshire, Scotland Rose Bank Mills; Postmaster, Blackeney McEwan William Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanark Co., Canada McFarlane David Lanark Ramsay Farmer Glasgow, Scotland McIntosh John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Perthshire, Scotland McPhail Donald Lanark Ramsay Farmer Argyleshire, Scotland Menzies John Lanark Ramsay Almonte Registrar, North Riding of Lanark Scotland Menzies John Lanark Ramsay Almonte Registrar, North Riding of Lanark Scotland Metcalf James Lanark Ramsay Farmer Renfrew Co., Ontario, Canada Metcalf William Lanark Ramsay Miller Duncan Lanark Ramsay Appleton Carriage Manufacturer Lanark Co., Canada Mostyn William Lanark Ramsay Almonte Physician and Surgeon Ireland Naismith Peter Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanarkshire, Scotland Neilson James Lanark Ramsay Farmer Paisley, Scotland Patterson Henry Lanark Ramsay Almonte Chief Constable, Counties of Lanark, Sligo, Ireland Renfrew and Carleton Patterson James Lanark Ramsay Almonte Physician and Surgeon Patterson John Lanark Ramsay Almonte Glasgow, Scotland Paul John Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Lime Burner Ramsay Tp., Canada Rae James Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Tax Collector Ireland Raines Thomas W. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Dentist Alabama, United States Reiley Patrick Lanark Ramsay Almonte Hotel Proprietor; Agent for Ireland Frost & Wood Robertson James Jr. Lanark Ramsay Farmer; former School Trustee Lanark Co., Canada Robertson W.P. Lanark Ramsay Almonte School Teacher Stirling, Scotland

Scott James Lanark Ramsay Manufacturer of Carriages, Buggies Prince Edward Island, Canada Scott John Lanark Ramsay Almonte Retired from Business Glasgow, Scotland Scott William Lanark Ramsay Farmer Armagh Co., Ireland Scrimgeour Charles E. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Master Mechanic, Rosamond Woollen Galt, Dumfries North Tp., Canada Mills, Almonte Shearn C.H. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Butcher England Shirreff Archibald Lanark Ramsay Almonte Formerly Superintendent of Rosamond Scotland Woollen Co. Smith William Lanark Ramsay Farmer Scotland Snedden Alexander Lanark Ramsay Farmer; ex-Township Councillor Ramsay Tp., Canada Sneddon James Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Lumberman Lanark Co., Canada Steel John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Renfrewshire, Scotland Stewart Duncan Lanark Ramsay Farmer Perthshire, Scotland Syme Peter T. Lanark Ramsay Farmer Dunning, Scotland Templeman William Lanark Ramsay Almonte Publisher, Almonte Gazette Lanark Co., Canada Teskey W. Rufus Lanark Ramsay Appleton Manufacturer; Township Councillor Lanark Co., Canada Teskey Wilton Lanark Ramsay Proprietor, Appleton Flour Mills, Ramsay Tp., Canada Appleton Toshack Andrew Lanark Ramsay Toshack William Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada Usher John Lanark Ramsay Blackeney Proprietor, Rose Bank Mills Antrim Co., Ireland Wallace James Lanark Ramsay Almonte Grain Dealer Glasgow, Scotland Warren William Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Wilson Alexander Lanark Ramsay Almonte Proprietor, Wilson House, Almonte Canada Wilson Andrew Lanark Ramsay Farmer Scotland Wilson John Lanark Ramsay General Farmer Glasgow, Scotland Wilson William Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Builder Lanarkshire, Scotland Wylie James H. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Formerly Postmaster, Almonte Lanark Co., Canada Yuill James Lanark Ramsay Farmer; former Collector of Township London, England and Census Taker Youll Robert Lanark Ramsay Farmer London, England Young Bros. Company Lanark Ramsay Almonte Manufacturer of Agricultural Implements Yuile Alexander Lanark Ramsay Carleton Place Farmer; Breeder of Thoroughbred Stock Stockport, England Yuill James Lanark Ramsay
April 3, 2012: Sherril Nephew is researching the family of Edmond or Edward POLLARD who came from Ireland to Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada in 1825.
April 7, 2012: Goldie Doratti is researching the family of Peter and Christiana McGREGOR, who came from Scotland in the 1820's.

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