Francois RHEAUME and Christiana NEWTON
to the Buckingham, Quebec area in the 1800's

December 14, 2014:

My name is Carol Brown. Many of my Reaume ancestors settled in the Gatineau region, specifically Buckingham, Quebec.  
I was checking the records for the Church Street Cemetery & Historical sites and noticed that my great X3 grandmother, 
Christiana Newton was not included on any of the lists.

Last year in April 2013 I was in contact with the registrar of the “Cimetiere St Gregoire de Buckingham,” Christiane Lefebvre.  
I had found my great grandmother’s Internment record in the Quebec Vital Church Record (Drouin Collection) 1621-1967.  
Through a transcription error Christiana Newton had become Carrildie Laviolette.  Burial year 1877.  Burial Location: 
Buckingham, Quebec.  Place of Worship: St. Gregoire-de-Naziance (Papineau)  Buried: Jan. 11, 1877  Died: 9 Jan 1877.

Christiane Lefebvre translated the death record for me…
“On January 11, 1877 we undersign priest have inhumated in the cemetery of this parish the remains of Christiana Newton 
wife of the deceased Francois Rheaume, (she is) deceased the day before yesterday at the age of 70, were present 
“Elias Goulette and Cyrle Turmel.”
Is there another Roman Catholic Cemetery where she might be buried?  To date I have not found the grave site for my great 
X3 grandfather, Francois Rheaume, who predeceased my great grandmother Christiana Newton.  Christiane Lefebvre went through 
the St. Gregoire-de-Naziance registers for Francois Rheaume’s death certificate between 1870 to 1878 and found nothing. 
Francois and Christiana were both in the 1871 Buckingham Canada Census.

New December 15, 2014: (added the following information from Carol, in italics):

My great x2 grandmother, Christiana Newton, who was married to John Adam Rheaume in (my previous emails) had a 
very illustrious father.  My great x3 grandfather Arnold Newton has quite a history in Buckingham. He acquired 
3 land grants between the years of 1864 to 1874.  Each parcel was 100 acres.  He left the homestead on the 
Lievre to his son Richard. He left the Shapley Creek farm to his son Thomas and The Whitefish Lake property 
to his son Thomas.  I can’t help but think of the phenomenal  task it would have been to clear parts of 300 acres 
and farm those lands over a span of ten years.  He was also very involved in the lumbering industry in and 
around Buckingham.  This information came from the obituary from the Buckingham Post that Dave Lee supplied. 
Thanking you in advance for any information you might be able to assist me with in this matter.  
My email address is 

... Carol Brown

Thanks to Mark Cullen for the following detailed reply to Carol:

"Carol I've done some review of the data I have for Buckingham and Templeton Townships. Some of this is in hard copy 
transcription format; plus I have a few books on the area. I see from that you have an extensive family 
tree for the Rheaume family. So some of what I comment on will probably not be new to you.

First, on the Church Street Cemetery. To my knowledge, this was the only cemetery used by Catholics of Buckingham. 
I believe the original church was across the street from the Cemetery. William Lawliss in his preamble to his burial lists, 
comments that there may be as many as 800 burials there. His lists total 647 known names. So there are potentially quite a 
few others unaccounted for. In my review of the lists, there did not seem to be many names from the 1870s. The last burials 
occurred in 1879. I was not able to locate a death record for Francois Rheaume. I reviewed the 1971-1977 records of 
St. Gregoire on You might want to view them page by page looking for the burials. There aren't many of them 
in a year. There is no record of his death from 1873 to 1877. In reviewing the 1871 and 1872 records, there are many pages 
that are illegible, some of which contain burial records. Not so for the 1873-1877 period. My guess is that Francois 
died in 1871 or 1872. Ms Lefebvre is the parish cemetery expert. If she was checking the church records for you, I can 
understand why nothing was found. I would have thought there would be separate cemetery records. Of course, nothing is 
known about the death circumstances of your Francois. Later in the century, some people from the area ended up going to 
Ottawa for special care and died there. I had some ancestors from Templeton die in Ottawa. I don't think this was the 
case for Francois. I have Pierre Lapointe's book on the history of Buckingham. You may have it. In the first chapter on 
the early days of the village, Lapointe has included two lists of early settlers. Your ancestor Caleb Newton and David 
(his son?) are on the lists. On July 9th, 1827, they received location tickets for 200 acres each in Range 8, Caleb for 
Lot 14 and David for Lot 12. Range 8 is north of Buckingham (in range 4). Caleb's lot bordered the east bank of the 
Lievre River and David's was further east. One list says the Newtons were of American origin (Connecticut, USA ?). 
They probably received their deeds in 1833-34.I was thinking about Francois. Many of the early Buckingham and surrounding 
settlers came to the area after working on the Rideau Canal construction. Many French Canadians worked there. 
He may have come to Buckingham to work at one of the sawmills in Buckingham or in timbering in the townships which was 
coming into its own about that time. Do you have a record of him having his own property at this time? Where were they living 
in 1861? I'm assuming you have not found a marriage record for Francois and Christianne (she is called Christy in two of 
the children's baptismal records). They were likely married by a travelling missionary out of Montebello (Notre Dame de Bons Secours 
church). I was unable to find one from 1835 for my ancestor Patrick McClements in Buckingham as well. If there are records, 
they are somewhere in the Montebello system. One other thing. I came across a stray child who was baptized at St. Francois 
de Sales, Pointe-Gatineau. Helen or Ellen, born 3 June 1847, baptized 18 June 1847; godparents Joseph Trudel and Victoria Savaria. 
Another eight children ( Christianna, John, Julia, Lauranda, Margaret, Mary, Rosaire and Rosalie) listed in St. Gregory records. 
(Perhaps Rosaire and Rosalie are the same person?). No doubt your Newton and Rheaume ancestors knew my McClements and 
Joanis ancestors. Patrick McClements farmed in Range 7, lot 8, to the east of the Newtons. The Joanis families settled on 
the Ottawa River a little west of Masson. My Cullen ancestors lived in East Templeton to the west and south of Perkins 
(now Val des Monts). I hope some of this helps. If this raises other questions, I'd be happy to assist if I can."

... Mark Cullen

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