Francois RHEAUME / REAUME and Christina NEWTON
Buckingham, Quebec area in the 1800's

July 19, 2011:

I am researching my ancestry and was excited to find mention of my 4th great grandparents Francois Reaume and Christina Newton 
on the webpage The context of the email dated March 5, 2008:

“The following consecutive baptisms took place at Buckingham, Lower Canada (LC).  A priest from Notre Dame probably visited the 
lumber camp at Buckingham and, on February 18, 1834, recorded the following baptisms:

18,  Feb 1834
Baptism of Lucinda, daughter of Francois Reaume and Christina Newton
Sponsors Michael Mahoney & Sara Sheehan “ 

According to my research Lucinda (Raiome) Rheaume, Buckingham 18th Feb 1829 was baptized Lucinda daughter of Francois (Raiome) 
Rheaume and Christy Newton. Sponsors Michael Mahoney, Sara Sheehan (recorded at Notre Dame Cathedral, Bytown).
This came from the “Ontario, Canada, Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1747-1967- . 

I am very interesting in finding any details regarding my 4th great grandparents, Francois Rheaume abt 1809 and Christiana 
Newton abt 1814.  The only records of them were in the 1861 and 1871 Canada census and they were living in the Buckingham 
area and L’Ange Gardien. There is also mention of a farm location in the Lievre River basin where they resided. They had 7 
daughters and 2 sons. Some of them but not all of them have baptismal records. I do have good records for my 3rd great 
grandfather, John Adams Rheaume who is buried with his wife, Christiana Newton in the St. Stephen’s cemetery, Buckingham.  
They were 1st cousins. 

I am presently researching my grandfather Herbert Rheaume who was born to Allan Rheaume and Gertrude Agnes Magee in Masson 
Quebec in 1900. My grandfather Herb was a professional athlete who played goal for the Montreal Canadians and football for 
the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Any information on Francois Rheaume and Christina Newton would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Carol Brown

Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for replying to Carol.
He has sent several images including the following from the Drouin Collection at
Francois Rheaume and Christy Newton
Taylor: Thank you so much for sending me the attachments for my ancestors. Yes I did have them but I find it quite interesting that my grand aunt Christianna born 5 Jan 1841 and baptized 28 Mar 1841 should have Thomas Rayaume listed as her father rather than Francois. I have tried to track this in the past but I have not been successful. Probably a transcription error or the priest’s error as I know that my great grandparents were illiterate. Carol __________________________ Carol: The 1851 census does not include Buckingham plus several others. I did go through page by page Hull, Litchfield, Masham, Low and others but no luck because of missing census reports. In the 1881 census John Adams is a hotel keeper and in 1891 a farmer. I will send you those later tonight. You can go through the Buckingham parish records, not Register page by page until you see both Francois and Christie's death records provided they were Catholic at the time of death. The births deaths and marriages in L'Ange-Gardien belong to Chateau-Richer parish and they are loaded with Reaumes, similiar names Charles, Francois, Pierre, Jean Baptiste, Marguerites and so on back to 1750's even earlier. All the sons seemed to name their children the same way. Taylor
New April 16, 2015:
Old maps of Buckingham, Masson and Angers
Hi, I am presently doing my Genealogy Certification and working on Land Records. Today on your site, “Bytown or Bust,” I came across an old email dated 2005 from Clark Hill. I tried the email address but it was bounced back. I am presently searching for old maps of Buckingham, Masson, L’Ange Gardien and Angers. I am looking for the location of two lots that belonged to my great X2 grandfather John Adam Rheaume. The Lots were 13-32 1nd 13-25 on the corner of George Street and Chemin de Montreal in L’Ange Gardien. I can pinpoint their location on a map from today but require an old map of the area from 1888 to 1910. Do you know if there is anyone who can assist me with this quest? I am also interested in the “le barrage Rheaume.” The falls are situated in Buckingham on route 309. I believe my great X3 grandfather, Francois Rheaume homesteaded in that area and I am looking for any information that the falls were named after Francois. Thanking you in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer me in this area. By the way, a fabulous site for old Historic maps of Canada is Take care, Carol (Reaume) Brown

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