Mattawa, North Bay and Lake Temiskaming, Ontario, Canada
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New August 20, 2016:

The pioneer Rielly family arrived in Richmond, Ontario (now part of the City of Ottawa) by the 1820's. The 
family was successful -- Edward Rielly started a large stone hotel (picture) in Richmond. This hotel became a gathering place 
each year as hundreds of men with their teams of horses and sleighs congregated there before driving to the
lumber shanties on the rivers to the west of Ottawa and to Pontiac County and to the Gatineau Valley.

Thomas Edward (Ebb) Rielly ran a blacksmith shop in Goulbourn Township.

Thanks to Bill Rielly who has sent along the following material regarding his great uncle Mr. Bill Rielly who 
captained tug boats on Lake Temiskaming:

Hi Al: We have connections to Rupert, Quebec, Wakefield, Quebec, Mattawa, Ontario and Temiscaming / Temiskaming.
I can send you family tree info, pictures, etc. My mother sent some tree info to Reby Dodds in 1972. 
I am sending pictures related to my great uncle Bill Reilly. Don't know why, but our branch spelled it Rielly, 
although a living cousin in Rupert spells it Reilly.
Hope we can add to the area history. 
Bill Rielly

William Rielly, North Bay, Ontario, Canada     William Rielly, Riverman on Lake Temiskaming

William Rielly, Obituary, North Bay, Ontario, Canada   William Rielly, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Keywords: Canadian International Paper Company, Upper Ottawa River, Lady Minto Tow Boat, Opemica Narrows, 
Hawkesbury Lumber Company, Porcupine Boom, Quinze River, Haileybury, Kipewa River, Steamboat Meteor, 

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