Thomas (Ebb) RIELLY's Blacksmith Shop
Stapleton, Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada

June 12, 2015:

From Robert Sample:

Thomas Edward (Ebb) Rielly born 1860
His ancestors came from County Antrim, Ireland.

Not only was Ebb Rielly a Blacksmith but he was also a wheelwright 
as was his son and could repair and build wagon wheels, buggy wheels etc.  
I think maybe that was considered part of the blacksmithing trade but 
I am not sure. Blacksmiths used to have a large flat rock about 8 inches 
thick with a hole chiseled out of the center that would take the hub 
of a wheel.  When I was about three or four I went with my father a 
couple of times to get horses shod.  The more modern forges had a crank 
and fan.  Ebb Rielly had a bellows in the loft with a handle hanging 
down that you pumped.   The Blacksmith Shop at Stapleton (on the Franktown 
Road) collapsed about five years ago and has been removed. 

Rielly's Blacksmith Shop
The picture is printed on page 101 of Valley Irish by Carol Bennett. New June 12, 2015: The loction of the blacksmith shop is shown on the 1879 Belden map excerpted on our Thomas Henry Stapleton web page.

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