RIELLY, BURKE, LEWIS (Richmond area)
BELL (Bell's Corners)
DUNLOP, DALY, McCLOSKEY (Old Chelsea, Quebec)

September 15, 2004:

My family connects to many of the early families - the Lewis, Burke, Rielly, 
families of Richmond. Hugh Bell of Bells Corners and Dunlop , Daly and McCloskey 
of Old Chelsea. Quebec (in the Gatineau Valley).

Since retiring this year, I have the time to finally start inputting records 
collected over the years (by hand) in a data base.  I am using Legacy software 
for these purposes and hope to be able to import and export data to help others 
and add to the informaiton I have collected over the past 20 plus years.

My maternal ggrandparents are - Edward Rielly (Rielly House Hotel, Richmond, 
Ontario)  and Sarah Bell (Hugh Bell’s daughter of Bells Corners.

Paternal gg.grandparents are Gabriel Dunlop and Ellen McCloskey of Old Chelsea. 
Also McGrath of same area and Flynn’s from Gaspe, Quebec.  I note that a few 
Gaspians families travelled to Old Chelsea and worked at farming, lumbering 
and local  mills. (Gilmour mills)

My Uncle Edward Rielly told me some stories of when he was growing up in Ottawa and a bit 
about visiting the Rielly House Hotel in Richmond as a child when his grandfather 
Hugh Rielly (son of Edward Rielly and Sarah Bell) was still owner. Hugh Rielly 
was married to Henrietta Lewis (her grandfather Capt. John Bower Lewis and her 
uncle John Bower Lewis, Mayor of Bytown) Marriages between Lewis and Pinhey 
families resulted in my mother Margaret Edith and her sister Florence being sent to 
Ottawa Ladies College (in the Glebe) under the auspices of Charles and Anna Pinhey 
(bachelor and spinster) who resided on Clemow Street.  My mother and Aunt  would go 
to the Pinhey's house on Clemow Avenue for wardrobe fittings for school.. Cousin Anna 
and Charlie were said to be quite eccentric but generous in supporting family for 
purposes of furthering their educational, socialization and health. They  lived in 
a huge house, colonial style (I still remember it as a child) where my father 
would go to put up and take down their storm windows and screens each season. 
Anna always wore dark long dresses, not stylish and hair pulled back in a bun. 
My Aunt Florence said she went to help out a few times and had to make soap in 
their basement. Times did  not changed much for them and they were quite frugal but 
generous in other ways.

 Bells Corners – Sarah Bell died in her mid forties and 3 of her children went to 
 live with their grandparents Hugh Bell and Elizabeth (Wiggons / Wiggins). My great-grandfather 
 Hugh Rielly was one of the children along with 2 of his sisters. Reby Dodds 
 (family historian) told me her aunt helped out in the Bell home and said Hugh 
 was quite the character always joking around. Hugh married to Henrietta Lewis, 
 daughter of Thomas Lewis and Mary Ann Collis and had 3 children. Charles Lewis 
 (my grandfather), Harold and Thomas. 

Old Chelsea, Quebec  - My aunt (who passed away 5 years ago) was able to provide 
me with  stories and photos of the Dunlops. The Dunlop Boys (John and James, sons of 
Gabriel and Ellen) ran a coach from the Chelsea train station to Old Chelsea, 
Meach / Meech Lake Road.. She also said that as wee boys they would hit their father 
Gabriel’s horse the blanket and when Gabriel would saddle up the horse would 
create quite a scene as it was scared silly as soon as the saddle blanket was 
placed over it. I was also told that Mary Dunlop married a cousin of Renfrew Ontario

I  am interested in hearing from anyone connected to these families – 
And BELL of Bells Corners. 
WIGGONS, SHAW, Pontiac Quebec.
... Pat

September 19, 2004: Hello: I am related to these families from Old Chelsea. There is a Website you might be interested in. The genealogy of Thomas Daley and Ann (Cronin) Daley http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/d/a/l/Thomas-J-Daley/index.html (or click here) Hope this helps Ray Daly (Also includes family tree of John Donovan, b. 1806 and his wife Mary Sullivan whose children married Hurley, McGarry, Fisher, Brazeau, McLaughlin, Timmins and Despatie. Some of these folks went to Wisconsin, USA).
January 12, 2005: Hi Guys I have Brazeau and Despatie in my family, especially the ones in Wisconsin. Take care Taylor Kennedy
New September 8, 2014: Hi Al: We have connections to Rupert, Wakefield, Mattawa and Temiscaming. I can send you family tree info, pictures, etc. My mother sent some tree info to Reby Dodds in 1972. I am sending pictures related to my great uncle Bill Reilly. Don't know why, but our branch spelled it Rielly, although a living cousin in Rupert, Quebec, spells it Reilly. Hope we can add to the area history. Bill Rielly _______________________ Hi Bill: Thanks very much for this. Lots of good information in your material which I have posted to our new web page. Thanks for the great picture of Bill Rielly and the stories of his career at Mattawa, Temiskaming and North Bay. ... Al

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