Samuel FALLS, from County Tyrone, Ireland to Huntley Township, Ontario, Canada

ML# 394 on the McCabe List

also John KEMP and Mary HAZELWOOD

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

I believe that Samuel Falls should be added to the McCabe List. he is cited in 
"Emigrants from Ireland in 1823 & 1825 to Colonel By" C..O. 384/22, Reel no. 
B-945, National archives of Canada, page 94.
 Year: 1829
Name: Samuel Falls
Origin: from town of Ballyhillare, parish of Donahady,.County Tyrone, Ireland
No. in family: 2 males, 4 females; total of 6
Signed: ("X")
The father of Samuel Falls with a large family resides in Canada;-one of his 
brothers, Hugh Falls, is in Ireland; he has a family;-place of residence 
Ballyhillare in the county of Tyrone - he is know to Mr. Robert McCrea of 
that place"
The correct name for Ballyhillare, is Ballaghillare and for Donahady: Donagheady.
Samuel Falls settled in Huntley Township, Carleton County.
Can you give me any information as to which churches would have been 
available to check for marriage records. Samuel Falls was listed in one 
census as Presbyterian and others as Methodist.
I have just discovered that Samuel Falls is on the McCabe list and don't 
really know which research directions I should now follow.
Linda Falls
Hi Linda:
Thanks very much for your e-mail regarding Samuel Falls and the McCabe List.
This is interesting information.
Somewhere, in one of the boxes here, is the address for the Huntley Township 
Historical Society.
I'll locate it and will see what information they have. There are several United 
(Methodist) and Presbyterian Churches in Huntley. I'll also try to find which 
church the family attended and what records are available for the churches.

Thanks again. 
... Al
Hi Al: Yes it would be fine to start a page for Samuel.
Good luck with the downsizing!!!Not an easy task with genealogy since 
the paper seems to keep expanding rather than shrinking.
I'll look forward to finding out about what the early resources are for 
records-I did check the Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register and 
found one of Samuel's children.
Thanks for your help,

Note: The 1879 Atlas for Huntley Township shows 3 or 4 farms belonging to 
the FALLS family (presumably descendants of Samuel Falls). These farms are
located just south of the village of Carp. ... Al

December 22, 2001 Hi Al: Do you know if there are any books or microfilms which list workers and surveyors of those who worked on the Rideau canal? October 19, 2009: A Hugh Falls, is listed as a surveyor who came to Richmond c 1818. I haven't been able to find out what he surveyed! Another relative, Samuel Falls came c 1828 and as someone on the McCabe list, he must have worked on the canal. Any ideas? Linda Falls
December 27, 2004: Hi Al: Two of my early ancestors were John Kemp and his wife, Mary Hazelwood. John and Mary were married in 1813 in the diocese of Ossory, Leinster, Ireland. A John Hazelwood is listed as a free grant Military emigrant in 1828. He may have been related to Mary Hazelwood. John Kemp and Mary Hazelwood's child, Margaret Kemp, married my great great grandfather, Samuel Falls. Another Hazelwood, Mary Hazelwood, born 1841 married Hazelwood Falls. I have no idea which Hazelwood family this Mary is from. The Hazelwood family must have moved from Carleton county at some point. Does anyone know more about this family during their stay in Carleton county or where they went when they left? Linda Falls
June 5, 2008: I think that Hugh Falls married Ann Chapman. ... Al

June 7, 2008: Hi Al: Yes, indeed Ann did marry Hugh Falls. There are quite a few references to her in the literature: From John Gourlay's History of the Ottawa Valley comes: "Mr. Falls, the young surveyor, was in his early prime and was wont to enliven society with stories of interest, racy and thrilling. His stock seemed limitless which he retailed out with a liberal hand"[1]. Our acquaintance with the Chapman's was not so extensive. One daughter, in our boyhood we remember, was fond of field sports. She plowed and harrowed the fields, a work unavoidable, and she drove a fine pair of Greys. She afterwards became the third wife of Hugh Falls the surveyor. She and her husband very often visited at my father's Also he mentions: "Marriageable girls were few in those days. Out along the Jock, one of the Chapman girls made a name for herself in the new settlement by her enthusiasm for field sports - she plowed and harrowed and drove a pair of fine "grays". She married a surveyor named Hugh Falls during the war of 1812" I have found no evidence that Hugh Falls was in Canada by 1812 however. Hugh Falls 1st wife was supposedly Nancy McKiver-I have found no reference to a McKiver family in Carleton county; his 2nd wife was Mary Anne Hewitt. Hugh Falls & Mary Anne Hewitt had Elizabeth Falls who married William Hazelwood Kemp. If anyone knows of a McKiver family in Carleton I would love to hear from them. I also do not have any marriage records for Hugh or Samuel Falls - I think it is simply too early a time for records to have been retained. Thanks for your watchful eye!! ... Linda
July 27, 2008:
John FALLS and Annie Eleanor Hayworth FULFORD Photo Source: Hello, Nepean, by Sarah B. Craig (granddaughter of Gervais Craig, ML# 440) John FALLS and family, Nepean, Ontario, Canada
1901 Census for the John Falls family in Nepean 13 Falls John M Head M Feb 1 1856 45 13 Falls Annie E. H. F Wife M May 13 1857 43 13 Falls William J.R. M Son S Jan 23 1878 23 13 Falls Janet A F Daughter S Oct 4 1880 20 Falls George J. D. M Son S Mar 30 1883 18 Falls Elizabeth J. G. F Daughter S Nov 14 1891 9 months (Georgina?) Source: June 17, 2012: Hello Al: I've attached a picture of Robert Lorne Falls b. Sept 24, 1892 d Apr 9 1918. He was the son of Robert Falls, blacksmith in Carleton County. He was killed in France, Hill 70. He is pictured with his mother, Jennie. Samuel Hazelwood Falls did not die in the war but was none the less a casualty of it. He committed suicide at the age of 33. He was the son of William Falls & Harriet Rankin. Robert Lorne Falls Samuel Hazelwood Falls Please include these pictures if they are of any interest. ... Linda

June 20, 2012: Thanks to Taylor and Diane for the following information: Please note that Robert Lorne Falls enlisted at the start of the war and did not wait to be drafted. He was courageous and brave, believed in Country and fellow man. The following Linda may already know but I thought to give futher information as to the battle where he died, why, where he is actually buried and how. His enlistment papers (Attestation) gives a description and gives the reader a feeling, or visualization of the individual. Most training was expedited in Canada and off they went to fight. The following is the description of the battle and circumstances of his death. (not re-produced here because of space limitations) The rest in that battle were taken prisoners. ... Taylor Kennedy _________________________ Thank you! Here is what I had from the book: Lest We Forget the Veterans of Huntley Township, by Ella Blair Falls, Robert Lorne - WWI Private Falls was killed in action on April 19,1918 at the age of twenty-six. He is buried in Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. There is a plaque in his memory in the Huntley United Cemetery on his father's tombstone. An undated newspaper clipping reported on the death of Private Falls: " .. Besides his mother he is survived by three brothers, Herman H. of this place, William H. of Bellpaine, Saskatchewan, and George of Alsake, Saskatchewan. Much sympathy is felt for the bereaved family, especially the aged mother whose loss indeed would be depressing were it not redeemed by the fact that the one for whom they mourn had rendered the highest service a worthy citizen could perform, and gave his life for the great cause of human liberty and the defence of the empire." ... Diane Moorhead
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