Royal Sappers and Miners disbanded at the Rideau Canal
Ontario, Canada, in December 1831

New July 30, 2016:

Source for the following scan is Labour and Capital in Canada, 1650-1860 by H. Clare Pentland, James Lorimer and Company Publishers, 1981, ISBN 0-88862-379-8, page 52 H. Clare Pentland -- Rideau Canal Sappers and Miners
September 3, 2010: Hi Al, You've probably seen this list below (from, but just in case... "By August 1834, free land grants were no longer to be made to discharged soldiers. The single and temporary exception to that rule was in the case of the Sappers and Miners who had been employed on the Rideau Canal, to whom a special expectation of grants of lands was held out in 1829, so a further twelvemonth was allowed in which they could advance their claims". Head Quarters, Royal Sappers and Miners, Woolwich, 28th July 1834. ... Anne Burgess
Nominal List of Non-commissioned Officers, Privates and Buglers of the Companies of Royal Sappers and Miners disbanded at the Rideau Canal in December 1831.
William Addison John Smith Thomas Jenkins Samuel Patrick William Clyma John Ayres Archibald Sands Hugh Patrick George Hog Thomas Duffy Daniel McDonald William Ardour John Richard William Flowers John Jones Thomas Dickson William Mitchell Robert Peck Thomas Jones Robert Snowdell Alexander Burns John Newman Henry Hog Phillip Clogg John McDonald David Mitchell Thomas Green Thomas Newman George Nebbs William Smith Charles Taylor Michael Rowe Robert Bray Roderick McKay Cornelius Connor Henry Bullen Andrew Gray William Fielding William Muchmore (Mutchmore) James Dykes William R. Broad Robert Clements (see note on the Ramsayville Cemetery page) Thomas Finn Edward Pascoe Robert Gillvear George Sims Henry Lavis Patrick Pullen James Hume Robert Jones John Fraser Stephen Simmonds James Boundley James Deovy Thomas Little John McLaren Joseph White Thomas Smith Robert Mitchell James Coll David Nesbitt John Burgoyne James Calloway John White William Fraser George Hamilton John Serjeant / Sargent John Porteous William Fleming Samuel Spry James Murdoch

March 31, 2015: Thanks to Jason who has sent along a copy of the original list. He has also sent in some very interesting information from the book History of the Royal Sappers and Miners by T.W.J. Connolly, published in 1857. There were two companies which came with Colonel John By in 1827, the 7th and the 15th. They were disbanded in December, 1831. Here is the book title page. This book ranges in price up to about $500.00 for a copy of the original -- it can be purchased on CD for $8.00 through
Book about the Royal Sappers and Miners and here is an excerpt from page 286: Book about the Royal Sappers and Miners and here is the list of names: List of Royal Sappers and Miners disbanded along the Rideau Canal
Thanks again, Jason!
April 15, 2016: Thanks to Mr. Jim Stanzell for the following. Jim is the expert regarding the Royal Sappers and Miners and also for the 1818 Military Settlers in Goulbourn Township. Al, FYI, there are 3 issues of OB News 2007, Vol. 40, No. 3,4,5 which contain lists of subject etc No. 3 Royal S and M builders of the Rideau canal 1826-1832 No. 4 Same title as above. [Those who died building the canal] No. 5 S and miners as settlers These issues also contain other pertinent data You may be able to ref to these volumes in your site if you wish. Jim Stanzell Note: These publications are available in .pdf format through the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society web site. ... Al

April 24, 2016: The Royal Sappers and Miners Cemetery, Newboro, Township of Rideau Lakes, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario. This is an interesting article by Mr. Don Cooke.
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