Using the Free Windows Snipping Tool to
Capture Individual Genealogy Images from Facebook

New November 15, 2016:

We are in the process of uploading batches of newspaper clippings, mostly historical obituaries, supplied by 
Carmen Rochon, to our Bytown or Bust Facebook Page. Each batch of newspaper clippings on Facebook has an index to the
names of the individual obituaries as the first image in the particular batch. For example, On November 13, 2016 we 
posted the index and twenty five clippings to our Facebook page. The link above will take you to the complete batch 
on Facebook. From there you can navigate through all of these images using the arrows included on the facebook image.

There have been several inquiries about how to segregate individual images from the batches. Hopefully this page 
will explain how to do this.

Thanks to my two grand daughters, Olivia and Hannah, for working on this project for us. As of today, November 15, 2016, 
they have posted a total of almost 200 images out of almost 1,000 in total, sent in by Carmen. And thanks to Carmen Rochon 
for making all of these newspaper clippings available to the local history and genealogy community in our region and

The following four images on this page have been captured using the Windows Snipping Tool which is included with Windows 10 
and probably with earlier versions of Windows. Here is how to access and use this useful tool for genealogists:

1. First we need to get the Windows Snipping tool icon on  the desktop. It is shown on my own desktop as the image 
on the far right end of the graphic below.

To add the icon to your own desktop, first, use Windows Explorer to find a file called "Snipping Tool" on your computer. This is where it is located on my own PC here. In this case, it is under This PC/Windows/C:/Windows/Sytem32/SnippingTool. When you find this file on your own computer, Right Click on it. This will open a window with options including "Send To". Click on Send To, then another window will open and at this point, click on "Desk top (create Shortcut)" Now the Icon for the Snipping Tool will be on your desktop.
2. The next step is to pin the Icon to your Taskbar which is the line of images shown below, only on your own computer. Again, RIGHT Click on the Desktpop Icon and click on "Pin to Start". The next imge shows the Snipping Tool pinned to the Taskbar. From here, you will most often access the Snipping Tool to use the cross-hairs to capture your image or photograph, while in Facebook. 3. Open up Facebook and find the image you want to capture. Then, click on the snipping tool icon on the taskbar. The following menu / window appears:
4. Click on "New" to do a new capture. Adjust the Cross Hairs which will appear to define the area which you wish to be captured.
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