SPRATT pioneers in Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

February 3, 2006:

A James SPRATT is on the February 1829 McCabe List as ML# 516.
James Spratt came from County Derry, Ireland, Parish of Desertland?, Village Dronelone. Two females in his family.
Relations all in Canada.

Here is his name and his mark from February 1829. Source, ancestry.ca, URL is 

The Spratt Road runs into Mitch Owens Drive just east of the village of Manotick. The marriage of Catherine Ellen Freeman to Andrew Spratt, formerly of County Leitrim, Ireland, who had settled on Lot 26, Concession 3 (Wapoos Farm on Rideau Road), started a dynasty to which many of the Spratts of Gloucester Township belong. Source: Bowesville: A Place to Remember Hello Cathy, Al and Glenn, I saw your postings on Bytown or Bust. I have SPRATT ancestors who came from Ireland in the same time frame and settled in Gloucester Township, near Manotick. (Spratt Road, just east of Manotick). They are brothers, James (1804-1892), Andrew (1807-1892) & John (1820-1895) SPRATT. Their mother may have been Jane. James SPRATT married Jane FOHENDER; Andrew SPRATT married Catherine Ellen FREEMAN; and John SPRATT married Margaret LEE. There may be a sister named Frances who married Charles CUMMINGS and resided in the same area. Does your Sarah SPRATT have any connection to these three men or Frances? ... Joy French
March 19, 2011: Hi Al, 4th picture - These area men had their picture taken prior to leaving to work in the Shanty. Standing - Allan Spratt, Bill Helem, Ben Hanna. Sitting - Evie Cuddie, Allie Findlay. These men were all from the Spratt / Limebank Roads. Note the lamb's wool collars! David Nolan Allan Spratt, Bill Helem, Ben Hanna, Evie Cuddie, Allie Findlay ... David Nolan (this picture is also posted to our Manotick Station web page). New June 21, 2015: Added 1863 map showing the location of the Spratt farm on the Spratt Road.

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