Ottawa Canada area Steamboats
Chronology, Physical Characteristics and Entrepreneurs, 1807-1910

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New January 7, 2021:

We have a web page which contains pictures of the early steam boats which travelled on the Ottawa River 
and on the Rideau Canal system.

The following text block comes from page 23 in the book  The Ottawa River Canal System, by Normand 
Lafreniere, Parks Canada, 1984.


October 9, 2020: The following three pages of text are from Ottawa Past and Present, by A.H.D. Ross, 1927, Musson Book Company, 1927, reprinted by Global Heritage Press in 2007, ISBN 978-1-897446-00-3, pages 48-50.

Steamers Background Text Information 1

Steamers Background Text Information 2

November 29, 2020: I have just received this text book which describes the triangular voyage of many steamboats starting 1816-1843. Instead of just describing the two dimensional voyages (Ottawa River and Rideau River), this book, written by Frank Mackey in 2000, Steamboat Connections: Montreal to Upper Canada, 1816-1843, McGill-Queen's University Press, ISBN 0-7735-2055-4, 2000, includes three dimensional voyages which covers trips from Montreal to Bytown, (Ottawa River), to Kingston, (via the Rideau Canal) and back to Montreal via the St. Lawrence River.
Steamer Barges in Triangular Route
The source for the above text is page 63 in The Ottawa River Canal System by Normand Lafreniere, Parks Canada, 1984 Key Words: V.A. George

Map Source, below. Williamsburgh Canal, Ontario, Canada

December 2, 2020:
The map below is from page 47 of Steamboat Connections, Montreal to Upper Canada, by Frank Mackey, McGill-Queen's University Press, ISBN 0-7735-2055-4 Steamer Barges in Triangular Route

December 9, 2020: Source: Page 122 in the Horton Township book.
Steamer Barges in Triangular Route ICO Boat (Hiram Robinson and list)

December 12, 2020: Here are three steamers loading up with firewood at Farrell's Landing in Horton Township. They are called the Hiram Robinson, the Opeongo and the Hamilton. They are from page 40 in the book Horton - The Story of a Township, by Doris and Campbell Humphries, Juniper Books, 1986, ISBN 0-919137-14-8.
3 steamers at Farrell's Landing
Robert Drummond
Robert Drummond was instrumental in the work he did on the construction of the Rideau Canal. Here is a quote from our Rideau Canal web page: Another of Drummond's steamship building ventures was not as successful. In 1831 he built a much larger boat measuring 110 feet long with a 26 foot beam. It was supposed to draw 31/2 feet of water, but when launched, it drew so much more than this that it could not be taken into the Rideau Canal System, and had to be used on the St. Lawrence instead. It was christened the 'JOHN BY'> Robert Drummond died of Cholera in 1834 (Steamboat Connections, Montreal to Upper Canada).

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