Some Descendants of John STRATFORD and Catherine STRATFORD
from County Longford, Ireland to Ottawa, Canada before 1829

ML# 128 on the McCabe List of 1829

Here is a nice example of being able to trace the first three generations of a family who originally 
worked at building the Rideau Canal (prior to 1832), then their migration to the church built at 
South Gloucester in 1848 and then by 1870, attending the Church at Enniskerry in Osgoode Township. These church records are all
available via the Drouin collection at
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	1  	John Stratford	1802 - 1869 County Longford, buried at South Gloucester
..		+ Mrs. Stratford (Catherine)	1807 - 1859
.......	2  	Francis Stratford	1837 - 1879
.......	2  	Ann Stratford	1830 - 1914
...........		+James McBride	1830 - 1880
................	3  	Ellen McBride	1872 - 1937
....................		+James Quinn	1859 - 1939 (Mary Quinn is descended from the Quinn and Foran families)
.........................	4  	Michael Quinn	1897 - 1971
.............................		+Edna Foran	1900 - 1982
May 28, 2015: Here is another baptism for John and Catherine Stratford from the Drouin Records at, (Notre Dame Cathedral): 17 Jul 1841 Baptism of Eliza, born the 5th. Parents: John and Catherine Stratford Edward Sheehan and Mrs. Byers June 4, 2015:
Joseph Mitchell and Elizabeth Stratford baptize Elizabeth in 1870 at St. John's Church in Enniskerry: Elizabeth Mitchell born 1870, daughter of Joseph Mitchell and Elizabeth Stratford
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New August 13, 2016: Good morning; I recently visited the cemetery of Our Lady of the Visitation in South Gloucester, and took some pictures of the headstones. One of the headstones is that of John Stratford, who died in 1869. I see he is noted on your Bytown website. The headstone is badly worn, but I was able to get a fairly clear shot of his name by taking it from an angle. I don't know if you have a photo of this headstone or not, but seeing it's poor condition I thought I would send you a picture of it for posterity. I do have 2 others if you want to try to read more on it. Hope it is of use, Lynda Konrad
Grave Marker of John STRATFORD at Our Lady of the Visitation Cemetery, South Gloucester, Ottawa, Canada
________________________ Thanks to Lynda for the above photograph. This is an example of one of the pioneer headstones which is in danger of being lost due to old age. Many of the earliest headstones have already been removed, including my ancestors, Nicholas Sullivan (from County Meath)and Mary McGee (from County Armagh). Fortunately, for this cemetery, we have a cemetery transcription done in 1985 by David G. Bryden which contains most of the earliest recorded stones. This publication is available in the library of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. Here is the cemetery transcription from Mr. Bryden's book: # 148 In memory of John Stratford died 15 April 1869, Aged 67 years. Also his wife died 21 Sept 1859 aged 57 years. Also their son Francis died 25 April 1879, aged 42 years. May their souls rest in peace. Natives of County Longford, Ireland. Most of the pioneers to Bytown had the name of the county of origin in the old country inscribed on their headstones -- sometimes the only place where we can obtain this information. Thanks to Lynda who was visiting Ottawa from three provinces away! ... Al

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