The Thackray and Davidson Lumber Operations in Ottawa, Canada
by Taylor Kennedy

New May 6, 2015:

Robert Thackray / Thackeray, an old time resident of Ottawa, was born February 12th, 1837 and baptized May the 14th, 1837 
at St John the Baptist in Addle CumEccup, East Breary, Yorkshire, England, son of John Thackray and Hannah Knapton. 
They married November 6th, 1819 in Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England, and resided in Breary, a farmer of 114 
acres and father to twelve children, all who remained in England until their death, except two, Richard and 
Robert immigrated to Canada in 1856. 

1. JOHN2THACKRAY (JOHN1) was born 28 October 1798 in Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England, and died March 1877 in 
Adel, Yorkshire, England. He married HANNAH KNAPTON 6 November 1819 in Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England, 
daughter of WILLIAM KNAPTON and ANN RODGERS. She was born 8 May 1796 in Stainburn, Kirby Overblow, England, 
and died June 1874 in Adel, Yorkshire, England. Children of JOHN THACKRAY and HANNAH KNAPTON are: 
i. ANN3 THACKRAY, b. 5 December 1820, Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England. 
ii. MARY THACKRAY, b. 23 April 1823, 
Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England. 
iii. WILLIAM THACKRAY, b. 18 April 1825, Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England. 
iv. JOHN THACKRAY, b. 31 July 1826, Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England. 
v. MARTHA THACKRAY, b. 21 April 1828, 
Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England. 
vi. RICHARD KNAPTON THACKRAY, b. 13 January 1830, Harewood Parish, 
Yorkshire, England; d. 23 July 1880, Town of Pembroke, Renfrew County; 
m. HANNAH ELIZABETH JAMES; b. 12 August 1837, Ireland; d. 10 June 1919, Town of Pembroke, Renfrew County. 
vii. HANNAH THACKRAY, b. 29 January 1831, Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England. 
viii. MICHAEL THACKRAY, b. 21 July 1833, Harewood Parish, Yorkshire, England. 
ix. GRACE THACKRAY, b. 31 May 1835, St. John the Baptist, Addle Cum Eccup, Yorkshire, England. 
x. ROBERT THACKRAY, b. 12 February 1837, St. John the Baptist, Addle Cum Eccup, Yorkshire, England; 
d. 1 June 1902, Ottawa, Carleton County; m. CATHERINE DAVIDSON NEE GRANT, 
3 April 1863, Ottawa, Carleton County; b. 1827, Narin, Narinshire, Scotland; d. 28 December 1897, Ottawa, Carleton County. 
xi. RACHEL THACKRAY, b. 7 December 1839, St. John the Baptist, Addle Cum Eccup, Yorkshire, England. 
xii. THOMAS THACKRAY, b. 25 July 1841, St. John the Baptist, Addle Cum Eccup, Yorkshire, England. 
Upon arriving in Canada, the Thackray brothers resided in the Townships of Brudenell, Raglan, Lyndoch and Radcliffe, 
in the County of Renfrew. Not one specific Township was given but Richard had Concession 4, lots 26 and 27, 
a combined acreage of 200, while his younger brother Robert claimed Concession 1, Lot 20, a total of 100 acres. 
Both men classed themselves as carpenters, thus the beginning of Robert Thackray’s career in the lumber industry in Canada.

Taylor Kennedy has done a terrific piece of research following the Thackeray and Davidson families as
they built up a large lumbering and mnufacturing conglomerate from Davidson, Pontiac County, Quebec 
to the City of Ottawa.

Here is Taylor's file in .pdf format: .
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