Ward Boundaries in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
at the time of the 1911 Census

October 18, 2005:

The National Archives of Canada has loaded up the 1911 Census records for Canada.
Unfortunately, these records are not indexed or searchable by surname yet.
We have to go through digitized images of the original census districts.
FLASH !! The 1901 and 1911 censuses, indexed and searchable, are now available
online. See posting on this page, below, dated March 12, 2008.
The following e-mail illustrates this point:

I wonder if you would be kind enough to advise me of the following.

I had a relative who lived at 557 Rideau Street, Ottawa. I am trying to find this 
address on the 1911 Census and although I can find addresses very close to
it, I can't find this Street. Can you confirm that it would have been in the Byward 
area of the City.

Many thanks for your local knowledge,

... Katrina, Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Katrina:
Thanks for your e-mail.
In 1911, Rideau Street here in Ottawa, Canada was the boundary between two wards, 
By Ward and St. George's Ward.

The evolving ward boundaries are shown in maps throughout the book 
Ottawa: An Illustrated History by Professor John Taylor.
It's probable that one side of Rideau Street (the north side) was in By Ward and 
the south side of the street was in St. George's Ward. That neighbourhood was 
called Sandy Hill. 
With any luck, your ancestor will show up in St. George's Ward.
Do you mind if I add your e-mail to a new page on my web site? This will be useful 
information for other researchers.
They have been changing the ward boundaries regularly here for the past 150 years or so.
Thanks again.
... Al Lewis
Ottawa, Canada

and thanks to Katrina for the following interesting story regarding Alexander Manson Mackay (McKay)
Hi Al Thanks very much for your help, I'll have another look at the Census and see if I get lucky. By all means include my email on your website..if it is of any relevance or interest, here is my story. My Dad's Uncle, Alexander Manson Mackay (McKay) born 1887 in Reay, Caithness, Scotland emigrated to Canada in the early years of 1900, possibly 1910 or thereabouts. We have a family scrap book of newspaper cuttings from 1907 - 1916/1917. They tell the tale of what Alexander (known to his family as Accie) got up to in Canada!! Whilst the managing director of "Ottawa Motor Transport Ltd." he featured under the following headlines. "Motor Truck Crashes Through Tollgate", "Dispute Over Tolls for Autos Using the Aylmer Road May Now Come To A Head", "Aylmer Road Toll Gate Cannot Collect Toll From Motorists as Autos Are Not in 1849 Charter" The basis of the story is that he smashed his trucks through the toll gates, refusing to pay the tolls as the laws referred to horses and sheep etc but made no mention of autos. He won his case and the Aylmer and Bytown Turnpike Co were deemed unable to collect from autos. Furthermore it was found that Mr Mckay was right to smash down the toll gate since in law it was an unlawful obstruction and a nuisance to the traveller!! I would have thought that I might find a reference to his company on the web but was disappointed to find no mention of it. The other company he worked for is The Ross Motor Car Co Ltd in Toronto. Contact with this part of our family has been long lost but I would dearly love to re-establish contact. Unfortunately I am finding it difficult to find any trace of this highly principalled man who had joined the Canadian Army and served in France, in the Tank Corps I believe. The last address we have for him is 557 Rideau Street, Ottawa. I have accessed his Army records but the are of little help other than this address. He survived the war and married and we think had at least a daughter. His own birth date is 22nd August 1887. I believe that there are still family in Canada and would very much like to make contact. I am finding it impossible to find many leads. If any of you readers know anything of this family I would dearly love to hear from them. Thanks for now ... Katrina
New March 12, 2008: The 1901 and 1911 census are now available, and searchable, at http://www.automatedgenealogy.com

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