A Story of Emigration:
Southwest County Wicklow, Ireland, to

Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

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Map of County Wicklow, Ireland in 1848 Including the Coolattin Estate Right map source: Surplus People, by Jim Rees, Page 14. Map of County Wicklow in 1848 Map of Coolattin Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland
Here is a book called "Surplus People" by Jim Rees. This book is the main academic work for studying the famine exodus from County Wicklow, Ireland to Canada during the Irish famine period, 1847-1854. This "clearance" by Lord Fitzwilliam from his 80,000 acre estate called Coolattin was more humane than most of the clearances during the famine. All of the families came to Canada, many to Gloucester Township in the present-day city of Ottawa, Canada. If you buy this book used over the Internet, make sure that the seller includes the companion CD which contains the names of all of the Irish emigrants.
Surplus People,book by Jim Rees
Those from the Ports of Dublin, Waterford, and Liverpool, 421 in number, landed here in extreme poverty, with the exception of a small party sent out by Earl Fitzwilliam in the "Industry", who had been provided with a free passage and 30 shillings each, to assist them on their voyage and on arrival here. The others, so far as I could learn, had received only a free passage and provisions. With reference more particularly to these last, I would refer to my weekly report of the 30th June. Source: Page 11 of Papers Relative to Emigration to the British Provinces in North America. (Note to me: Downloaded this document as emigrationtobritishprovinces1846govtdoc.pdf to laptop and to tablet ... Al)
Come Home to Wicklow
Happy St. Patrick's Day from County Wicklow, in Ireland, the home of your ancestors. We invite you to attend Canada Come Home, County Wicklow's Flagship Gathering Event September 13-15, on the Coollattin Estate for a lively weekend of history, genealogy, walks in the Wicklow countryside, and lots more! Its a great year to visit Ireland. Hope to see you there. And if you can't make the September weekend, you're welcome to come to 'The Garden of Ireland' anytime. Just let us know when and we'll make sure you have a memorable visit. All the best from The Canada Come Home Team. E-mail The Canada Come Home Team Canada Come Home Web Site The Gathering - Ireland, 2013
Thomas Dowling wrote from Crablane,Lower Aghowle, County Wicklow 25 October, 1851: "Robert Sharpe has also wrot (sic) and is living about Bytown (now Ottawa, Canada) doing very well and encourages all his friends to go."
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A Story of Emigration: Southwest Wicklow to Ontario by Anne Burgess and Joseph Kenny
In his book, Surplus People, Jim Rees has described the program of assisted emigration that Lord Fitzwilliam initiated in the late 1840s to reduce the number of tenants on his estate in southwest Wicklow. Most of these emigrants sailed from New Ross, County Wexford, to Quebec City, but few of them stayed in Quebec, where the population was for the most part French-speaking. Instead, they continued on up the St. Lawrence River to the province of Ontario (then called Upper Canada) and became part of Irish communities there. The following details the chain migration that drew them to two such communities.
Eastern Ontario
The British government's creation of the Rideau Canal in eastern Ontario (1826-1832) was accomplished with the labour (and in some cases, the lives) of many Irish workers from the Fitzwilliam estate in southwest County Wicklow. We know at least some of their names, recorded in an 1829 petition (the McCabe List)[i] to have family members join them: John Byrnes, ML# 142 of Ballynultagh (family at Knockatomcoyle); James Byrnes (family at Muskeagh); William Hopkins, ML# 233 (Coolkenna); Thomas Hawkins (Kiltegan); Charles Dowgard (?) (Tinahely); Daniel Murphy (Coolbeg (Killabeg?); Lancelot Jackson, ML# 662 (Tullow, Aghowle); Matthew Dunn (Ballintemple). The Canal, intended to provide a navigable link between the Ottawa River and the town of Kingston, Ontario to the west, provided wage work for the labourers. It also provided them with an opportunity, at the time of the Canal's completion, to acquire grants of land along the route. Thus, in the 1840s when Lord Fitzwilliam's tenants began arriving in Canada, the Rideau Canal labourers from southwest Wicklow, now settlers, were the source of new Canadian homes for many of the emigrés. The 1851, 1861, and 1881 Canadian censuses document [ii] the presence of these new immigrants and their families, from Ottawa to Smiths Falls to Brockville to the Kingston area:
February 24, 2012:
Name of Tenant From Settled In
BAILEY, William and LetitiaRosnastrawKingston, ON
BALANCE, Mary and ElizabethMinmoreOttawa, ON
BALFE, John and DOBBS, AliceHillbrookeKitley, ON; later Oro, ON
BALFE, Thomas, Sarah; Thomas, Mary, Ann, Michael, PatCarnewLombardy, ON
BALFE, Nicholas and KEALEY, CatherineHillbrookeMontague Twp., ON
BALFE, Thomas and KENNY, SarahHillbrookeSouth Elmsley, ON
BALLANCE, William and JaneBallardMarlborough, ON
BATES, William and Bridget; William Jr. Ballynultagh Hungerford, ON
BEAGHAN / BEHAN, Charles and MargaretBallynultaghMarg. died in Kingston, ON
BEAGHAN, John and BYRNE, AnnTombreaneBytown (Ottawa, ON) and Chelsea, QC
BEDLOW, Richard and SarahCoolattinBrockville, ON
BLAKE, Elizabeth BREEN; Andrew, William, ElizabethCoolattinKingston, ON?; Oswego, NY
BLAKE, Thomas and NOWLAN, EleanorKilcavanKingston, ON
BOURKE, John and AnnCroneleaCamden, ON
BOWE, SarahCoolattinBrockville, ON
BOWEN, Richard and MaryBallybegEscott, ON
BREEN, CharlesBallykellyBytown, ON
BREEN, JamesNew RowSidney, ON
BREEN, MichaelCoolattinKingston, ON?; Oswego, NY
BREEN, Martin, Catherine, and MaryCoolattin (New Row) Prescott, ON and Oxford, ON
BREEN, Michael and LEE, MaryNew RowKingston, ON
BREEN, Thomas; Mary; ElizabethBallykellyCamden, ON
BROUGHAN, Alice HENNESSY; Ann; John; James; RichardGowleHungerford, ON
BROWN, Lawrence and CeciliaMinmoreOttawa, ON
BURKET, John and Kinsella, ElizabethKillinureSheffield, ON
BYRNE, Andrew and ROARKE, CatherineHillbrookeBrockville, ON
BYRNE, Ann and O'TOOLE; Denis; Michael; WilliamBallynultaghBytown (Ottawa, ON)
BYRNE, AnneBallynultaghSheffield, ON
BYRNE, Arthur and KEHOE, ElizabethCoolruss ParkAugusta, ON
BYRNE, DanielBoleyCamden, ON and Hungerford, ON
BYRNE, Denis and DONAHOE, Bridget; James; HettyBoleySheffield, ON
BYRNE, Edward and CONNORS, BridgetCoolattin Bytown (Ottawa, ON)
BYRNE, Garret and PIERCE, ElizabethBallincorbegBrockville, ON?; Rossie, NY
BYRNE, Henry and HOGAN, MaryDrumminSheffield, ON
BYRNE, James and DELANEY CatherineBallyraghine (Ballyraheen)Bytown (Ottawa, ON)see Bernard CASSIDY
BYRNE, James and DEWEY, MaryCoolkennaHungerford, ON
BYRNE, John and EllenBallynultaghKingston, ON
BYRNE, John and Mary; TomCoolkennaBrockville, ON
BYRNE, LukeMoylishaGloucester, ON
BYRNE, Margaret; John; PatrickBallyraheenBytown (Ottawa, ON)
BYRNE, Michael and Jane; Richard, ElizabethBallyraheenBytown (Ottawa, ON)
BYRNE, Michael; Ellen; MaryCoolattinBytown (Ottawa, ON) and Nepean, ON
BYRNE, Patrick and Ellen; Dolly; BridgetBallynultaghGloucester, ON and Bytown (Ottawa, ON)
BYRNE, Patrick and DEEGAN, AliceKillinureBelleville, ON
BYRNE, Rachel; JohnCoolattinOttawa, ON
BYRNE, Samuel and Ann; Mary AnneRosbaneBrockville, ON
BYRNE, Thomas and Ann; Bess, Thomas, and John Ballynultagh Hungerford, ON
BYRNE, Timothy (s/o Thomas and Sarah)BallynultaghGloucester, ON
BYRNE, Timothy, Thomas, John, and MaryBallynultaghCamden, ON
BYRNE, William and MaryAgowleCamden, ON
CALL, Thomas; Francis; SarahMucklaghHungerford, ON
CARR, Mary; George; JohnBallykellyBrockville, ON
CARR (KERR), Richard and AnnCoolboy Elizabethtown, ON
CARROLL, Bridget; Dolly;KillinureCamden East, ON and Raleigh, ON
CARROLL, James and WELSH, MargaretCoolattinCamden, ON
CARROLL, John and Bridget; John Jr.BallycumberWinchester, ON
CARROLL, John and BYRNE, Elizabeth; Michael; Joanna; James BallynultaghBytown (Ottawa, ON)
CASSIDY, John and HARMON, BridgetKillinureHungerford, ON
CASSIDY, Samuel and HUGHES, MaryKillinureCamden, ON
CASSIDY, Thomas and FOLEY, BridgetKillinureHungerford, ON
CASSIDY, William and DUNN, MaryKillinureHungerford, ON
CLARE, Hugh; John, Margaret, Mary, Catherine, EdwardKnockatomcoyleEscott / Kitley, ON
CLARE, Thomas and CONNORS, RebeccaMotabower, Co. WexfordCamden, ON
CLEARY, Simon and EllenFarneesBrockville, ON
COGHLAN, Thomas and MURPHY, MargaretParkKitley, ON
COGHLIN, Elizabeth; MargaretLaraghCamden, ON
COLLINS, Patrick and MargaretCoolfancyBrockville, ON
CONDELL, George; ThomasRathbaneOttawa, ON
CONNERS, JohnBoleySidney, ON
CONNORS / O'CONNOR, Mary; James Coolattin Nepean, ON and Bowmanville, ON
CONNORS, Thomas and CatherineMotabower, Co. WexfordCamden, ON
COSKER (COSGROVE), Robert and FANNING, BridgetHot Pot Lane (Croneyhorn)Gloucester, ON
CUMMERFORD/CUMERTON/ COMERFORD, George, also spelled COMERFORD BallinultaCamden East, ON
CUMMERFORD/CUMERTON/ COMERFORD, Mary DARCY; Patrick; Jane BallynultaghKingston, ON
CUMMINS, Bridget WARD; Anne; Michael; BridgetBallardKingston, ON
CUMMINS, Thomas and BARRETT, AnnCroneyhornCornwall, ON
DAGG, Edward and ElizaAghowleKitley, ON
DEEGAN, Denis and CONNOR, Mary; EdwardMungacullen Kingston, ON
DEEGAN, James and WHELAN, CatherineKillinureBelleville, ON
DEEGAN, William and DOYLE, CatherineKillinureBelleville, ON
DOLAN, ThomasGowleSheffield, ON
DONOGHUE / DONAGHUE, James and NOLAN, AnastasiaAghowleCamden, ON
DONAGHUE, Michael and SUTTON, Mary; Bridget (Michael died at Grosse Isle)ArdoyneCamden, ON
DONAGHUE, Thomas; Rose; LaurenceCronyhorn; BallardSheffield, ON
DONNELLY, Bartholomew and QUAIL, JoannaBallyraheenBytown;Bromley Township
DONNELLY, MichaelBallyraghineNepean, ON (Rochesterville)
DORCEY / DARCY, James and Margaret; EdwardBallynultaghKingston, ON
DORCEY / DARCY, Thomas; ElizaBallyconnellRichmond Twp., ON
DOYLE, Bridget, NOWLAN; Michael; Simon; HenriettaCoolkennaPortland, ON
DOYLE, BridgetKilballyowenDungannon, ON (Hastings N.
DOYLE, Darby/Jeremiah and WHELAN, Mary; HannahBallynultagh Kingston, ON
DOYLE, James and ROARK, MaryHillbrookeBrockville, ON
DOYLE, Michael and Margaret; Thomas; Ellen; Mick; MaryCoolroeBrockville, ON
DOYLE, MorganKilballyowenDungannon, ON (Hastings N.)
DOYLE, Patrick and OSBURN, Bridget Aghowle Camden, ON
DOYLE, Patrick and Catherine Killinure Camden, ON
DOYLE, Peter and siblings, and mother Honoria DOYLECoolruss ParkAugusta, ON
DOYLE, StephenGlenphilippeenMontreal QC and Cornwall, ON
DUNN, Daniel and Catherine; Maria, MargaretKnocknaboleyWhitby, ON
DUNN, Peter; AnnKillabegSheffield
EAGERS, Charles and Jane; Thomas and JoshuaKnockatomcoyleSouth Elmsley, ON
EBBS, Simon and Jane; John, Ellen and ThomasKnocknaboleyQuebec City and Ottawa, ON
EDWARDS, William and Esther Ballycumber Augusta, ON
EVANS, Thomas and MaryAghowleCamden, ON
FARDON, JamesPaulbeg Kingston, ON?; Sterling, NY
FENLON, William and DOYLE, BridgetKillinureHungerford, ON
FISHER, Samuel and Mary; Margaret, ThomasKnocknaboleyDarlington, ON
FITZGERALD, Richard and Catherine; William; JohnKillabegCamden, ON
FLEMING, Patrick and McGRATH, MaryKillinureHungerford, ON
FLEMING, JoannaKillinureCamden, ON
FOSTER, George; WilliamBallykellyBrockville, ON
FOSTER, James and BALFE, MargaretCarnewKitley, ON
FOSTER, John and MaryBallynultaghCamden, ON
FOSTER, Margaret ROACH; Elizabeth; William; Isaac Motabower, Co. Wexford Oxford Twp., ON
FOSTER, Robert and WEBB, Elizabeth; JohnCoolruss ParkYonge & Escott Rear
FOX, SimonCoolboyBrockville, ON
FREE, Mary; SamuelKilcavanKingston, ON
FURLONG, John and MargaretBallardLoughborough, ON
GAFNEY / GAFFNEY, Jeremiah and MURPHY, Ann (Ann died at Grosse Isle.)KillinureHungerford, ON
GAHAN, William and KENNEDY, MaryKilquigganCamden, ON
GARRET / GARRETT, Thomas, Eliza and BridgetCoolnafinogueBrockville, ON
GILES, Miles and SallyCoolroeBrockville, ON
GOSLIN / GOSLING, John and MargaretCoolroeEscott, ON
HANDRICK/HENDRICK, Edward, PatrickCoolattinKingston, ON?; Oswego, NY
HANDRICK, Michael and BALFE, Margaret(HENDRICK)KennystownChelsea, QC (close to Ottawa, ON)
HAFFERY, John and AnnMinmoreElizabethtown, ON
HAGERTY / HEGERTY, John and BRIEN, Elizabeth; Peter, Margaret, John, James, ElizabethKilcavanKingston, ON
HANNON, Matt and MargaretKnocknaboleyGloucester, ON
HEADON / HAYDEN, John and Catherine; EllenGlenphilippeen / TinahelyKingston, ON
HEADON / HAYDEN, JohnGlenphilippeen / Tinahely Alexandria, ON
HEADON/HAYDON, Thomas Glenphilipeen/Tinahely Kingston, ON and Port Hope, ON
HEALY / HEALEY, Bridget MORAN; Lawrence; Denis Killinure Hungerford, ON
HEALY / HEALEY, Thomas; David Killinure Kingston, ON & Wolfe Island, ON
HEALY, William and KEHOE, Elizabeth; Michael; Mary Anne; John; Peter; Sally; Pat; TomKillinureHungerford, ON
HENNESSY, Elizabeth BYRNE; Mary; Catherine; Daniel Ballynultagh Camden, ON & Hungerford, ON
HICKEY, Patrick and DollyKilcavanBrockville, ON
HICKEY, Peter and family, including John HICKEY and wife Mary DORAN BIRCH HICKEY, plus the BIRCH childrenKilcavanBrockville, ON
HIGGINS, MichaelBallyvolenBelleville, ON
HINCH, James and BridgetBallynultaghCamden, ON
HINCH, John; Bridget; MaryKillabegSheffield, ON
HINCH, Thomas; WilliamBallenguileCamden, ON
HOPKINS, Nicholas and ElizabethBallynultaghBytown (Ottawa, ON) and Gloucester, ON
HUGHES, Philip and BettyLaraghCamden, ON
HUNT, James and KAVANAGH, CatherineArdoyneBastard, ON
JACKSON, Benjamin; MaryKnockatomcoyleSouth Elmsley, ON
JACKSON, Martha; Joshua; Samuel; John; Mary; Elizabeth; JosephHillbrookeBrockville, ON
JAMES, Mary; Michael; Martin; LawrenceKilquigganCamden, ON
KAVANAGH, AnnKillinureHungerford, ON
KAVANAGH, Denis and RORKE, Jane; Charles; JamesBallynultagh Hungerford, ON
KAVANAGH / CAVANAGH, John; Ann; Catherine;KillinureCamden, ON
KAVANAGH, Laurence and FOSTER, Ann; James; Lawrence; DenisBallynultagh Hungerford, ON
KAVANAGH / CAVANAGH, Phelim / Felix and HICKEY, MaryKilcavanKingston, ON
KEARNS, EdwardBallenguileCamden, ON
KEELEY / KEALEY, William and MURPHY, JudithMungacullenHungerford, ON
KEHOE, Denis and HANDRICK, MaryKennystownBytown (Ottawa, ON)
KEHOE, Martin and WHITE, ElizabethBallingateSydney, ON
KEHOE, Michael and HANDRICK, JohannaTombreaneCamden, ON
KELLY, Daniel and Betty (nee DAVIS); James, Catherine, Anty, George, John, Daniel Killballyowen Dungannon, ON (Hastings N.)
KELLY, Thomas and CatherineAghowleBrockville, ON
KENNY, Thomas and PURCELL, EleanorMotabower, Co. WexfordKitley, ON; later S. Elmsley, ON
KERRIVAN, James and HASKINS, EllenBoleyGloucester, ON
KERRIVAN / KERWIN, Patrick and CUMMINS, AnnCroneyhornCornwall, ON
KIDD, William; Joseph; ThomasCoolkennaCamden, ON
KIMMIT, John and Dorothy/DollyKnocknaboleyCamden, ON
KINSELAGH (KINSELLA), MichaelBallynultaghGananoque, ON
KINSHLEY/KINSELLA, Pierce and BettyCoolattinBelleville, ON
LAWLOR, Morgan and WELSH, CatherineKillinureSheffield, ON
LOUGHLIN, DenisLaraghCamden, ON
LOUGHLIN / O'LOUGHLIN, Andy and Ann; JaneMullansCumberland, ON
LOWMAN, Michael and BALFE, Mary, and Michael's brother, ThomasCoolattinKitley, ON
LYONS, EdwardBoleyCamden, ON
MARA / O'MEARA, Edward and TOOLE, Betty; Mary; ElizaBallynultaghBytown, ON
MARA / O'MEARA, Patrick and KELLY, Mary; Edward; John; Elizabeth; James Ballynultagh Bytown (Ottawa, ON) and Pembroke, ON
McCANN, Elizabeth O'BRIEN; George; Patrick; BryanAghowleBytown (Ottawa, ON) see SWAIN family
McGORMICK / McCORMICK, Michael and DOYLE, AnnStranakellyCamden, ON
McGRATH, Edward; MichaelBallyconnell Camden East, ON
McGRATH, JamesKillinureHungerford, ON
McGRATH, JohnKillinureHungerford, ON
McGRATH, NicholasKillinureHungerford, ON
McGRATH, William and BYRNE, MaryBallynultagh and KillinureGloucester, ON
McGUIRE, James and FOX, MaryBallard Camden, ON
MONAGHAN, Patrick Coolattin Kingston, ON?; Oswego, NY
MONAGHAN, Edward; Alice, Mary Ballyraheen Kingston, ON?; Oswego, NY
MONAGHAN, Elizabeth Ballyraheen Kingston, ON?; Oswego, NY
MURPHY, Michael and BYRNE, MaryKillinureSheffield, ON
MURPHY, Patrick and DOBBS, JuliaParkmoreKitley, ON; later Oro, ON
NEAL/O'NEIL, Pat and Dolly; John; Andrew; Maurice; Pat; BridgetKilballyowenDungannon, ON (Hastings N.)
NEALE, Michael and BessBallynultaghCamden, ON
NEALE / O'NEILL, Owen and Margaret (Owen died at sea.)AghowleCamden, ON
NEALE, Patrick and JaneCoolkennaCamden, ON
NEALE / O'NEILL, Peter and HUGHES, Mary; brother Thomas NEALE. (Peter died at Grosse Isle.) AghowleHungerford, ON
NEALE, Thomas and CatherineGowleCamden, ON
O'TOOLE, John and MaryCoolboyEdwardsburgh, ON
O'TOOLE, Thomas and MaryGurteenBrockville, ON
PEARSON, Richard, Sarah, and JohnCarnewElizabethtown, ON
PIERCE, RachelCoolattinElizabethtown, ON
PIERCE, RobertCoolattinBrockville, ON
POLLARD, JohnToorboyNepean, ON
PARSLEY/PASLEY, John and MaryGlenphilippeenKingston, ON
PRESTLEY, Eliza nee O'DONOGHUE; CatherineBallynultaghBytown (Ottawa, ON)
PRESTLEY, Robert and SusanMotabower, Co. WexfordGoulbourn, ON
QUIRKE, Peter and BettyBallynultaghCamden, ON
QUIRKE, Peter and BettyBallynultaghCamden, ON
RATHWELL / ROTHWELL, JohnKillavenyBrockville, ON
RAY, RICHARD and Catherine; Laurence 18, Joesph 16, John 14, Judith 3, Brother James, 38.BallyraheenBytown,(Ottawa, ON)
REDMOND, Edward and DOYLE, Bridget; Jane, Mary, Sarah, William, Catherine, Margaret, AnnBallyraheenBytown and Osgoode (Ottawa, ON)
RICKERBY, John; Hannah/AnnTomacorkElizabethtown, ON
ROARKE / ROURKE / O'ROURKE, Thomas; HughBallynultaghEarnestown, ON
ROCHE, Michael and EleanorBallyvolenBelleville, ON
SCANTLIN / SCANLIN / SCANLON, William and DALTON, ElizabethStranakellySheffield, ON
SHANNON, Bridget BALFE; ThomasKennystownKitley, ON; Wolford, ON
SHERIDAN, Nicholas and MULLINS, Eliza, and Eliza's father, Michael MULLENCarnewBrockville, ON
SINGLETON, Eliza and AllyBallykellyBrockville, ON
SINGLETON, John and Sally; William Jr.BallynultaghBrockville, ON
SINGLETON, William Sr. and MaryBallynultaghBrockville, ON
SUMMERS, John and AnnHillbrookeBrockville, ON
SUMMERS, ThomasCoolattinEarnestown, ON
SPRAT, (SPRATT) Michael and Byrne, MaryNewrySheffield, ON
SWEENEY, RogerKilquigganSheffield, ON
TALLANT/TALLON, BridgetBallynultaghCamden, ON
TALLANT / TALLON, Edward; John, Edward Jr., Mary KnockatomcoyleNorth Elmsley, ON
TALLANT / TALLON, James and Mary; EdwardKnockatomcoyleNorth Elmsley, ON
TALLANT/TALLON, James and DUNN, Mary; GarrettBallynultaghCamden, ON
TALLON, Matthew and WALKER, MaryKnockatomcoyleBytown (Ottawa, ON)
TALLON, Peter; EdwardBallynultaghPortland, ON
TALLON, Peter; Denis; JohnKilquigganPortland, ON
TIMMONS / IMMINS, JaneBallynultaghPortland, ON?; Annsville, NY
TIMMONS, Peter, Patrick, and PeggyBallynultaghPortland, ON
TOMKIN, Charles and AnneCoolroeYonge Front, ON
TOMKIN (TOMKINS), Peter; John; CatherineNewtownGloucester, ON
TOMPKIN (TOMPKINS), William and SusanCroneyhornCamden, ON
TRACEY, Thomas and AnnBallyconnellCamden, ON
TRAINOR, Thomas and BRADY, HonorCroneyhornAugusta, ON
TRAVERS, Peter and HarrietAghowleBytown (Ottawa, ON) and Nepean, ON
TWAMLEY, Henry and ElizabethBallykellyCamden, ON
TYRRELL, NickBallyconnellCamden, ON
VALENTINE, JaneKnocknaboleyCamden, ON
WALL, Margaret DEWEY; John; Mary; Sarah; AbrahamCoolkennaCamden, ON
WALL, William and LOUGHLIN, AnneLaraghCamden, ON
WELSH / WALSH, Ellen NEIL; Catherine; Joseph Killinure Sheffield, ON
WALSH, John and BURKET, AnnKillinureSheffield, ON
WELSH, JamesCoolattinCamden, ON
WHELAN, BridgetBallynultaghAylmer, QC
WHELAN, Catherine; AnastasiaAghowlePortland, ON
WHELAN, James and BettyBallynultaghAylmer, QC
WHELAN, William and IRETON, FrancesAghowleCamden, ON

A large number of Fitzwilliam emigrés from the Carnew area settled around Smiths Falls, Ontario many of them part of the extended family of Edward Balfe of Kennystown, and the families they were connected to by marriage. This area around Smiths Falls includes the townships of Kitley, Lombardy, North and South Elmsley, Bastard, North and South Crosby, Wolford, Montague, Yonge, and Burgess. Edward Balfe had two relatives who had worked on the Rideau Canal: his brother, John Balfe (m. Mary Byrne) of Gurteen; and his niece's (Mary Balfe) husband, Michael Shanks of Boley. These early Balfes had acquired land in Kitley; it and South Elmsley, farming townships close to Smiths Falls, were home to a number of other Canal workers, as well. In the late 1840s, Michael and Mary Shanks offered a welcome to their Balfe connections from Carnew: John Balfe and Alice Dobbs (from Parkmore); Thomas Balfe and Sarah Kenny (from Kennystown); Nicholas Balfe and Catherine Kealey (from Kennystown); Michael Lowman / Loman and Mary Balfe (from Carnew), along with Michael's brother, Thomas; James Foster and Margaret Balfe (from Carnew); Thomas Kenny and Eleanor Purcell (from Motabower); and Patrick Murphy and Julia Dobbs (from Parkmore). [iii]

Edward Balfe's daughter, Margaret, and her husband Michael Handrick / Hendrick, had left Kennystown a year before the group above, and settled just outside Ottawa, to farm in the Meech Creek area, as did John Beaghan / Behan and Ann Byrne (from Tombreane). Margaret and Michael Handrick's daughter, Mary (m. Denis Kehoe of Tombreane) settled in Bytown itself (as Ottawa was then known). Most of the Balfes remained near Smiths Falls, raised their families, and prospered. Thomas Balfe and his son farmed some 300 acres, and later took over another farm that was the future site of the Smiths Falls Golf and Country Club. In time, Thomas and his wife, Sarah Kenny, took on with Mary Balfe and Michael Shanks the care of those in need. Nicholas Balfe and Catherine Kealey's son, Nicholas Jr., founded the grain exchange in Winnipeg, Manitoba and became a millionaire.

Central Ontario
The Kenny family of southwestern Carnew parish, and in particular Myles Kenny (who married Dorothea Briscoe Wilkie in Kennystown on July 10, 1829), was the nucleus for a wave of settlers from the Fitzwilliam estate to an area north of Toronto, Ontario: the town of Barrie, and the surrounding farming communities of Vespra, Essa, and Oro. Myles Kenny and his family arrived there in the early 1830s, along with Peter Murphy (m. Margaret Ann Doyle) from Kilcavan (Murphy had been a British navy veteran who had petitioned for land in Vespra); Michael Kenny (m. Mary Doyle) from Parkmore; Bridget Kenny (m. Patrick Doran) from Kennystown; and Henry Murphy (m. Catherine Kenny) from Umrygar. Myles was their leader: he could read and write, where the others could not. The first school in Vespra was held in a log house on his property, where an older relative, Margaret Kenny (b. c1783) lived.  

Myles was also active in the early political life of the settlement. He was a member of the first municipal council, and he served as its Reeve (mayor) from 1837-1849. (Myles was a Catholic, and it is interesting to see his political prominence in this corner of Protestant-dominated early Ontario.) During the famine exodus years of 1847-1853, other Kenny relatives, and the families they were connected to by marriage, came to join Myles Kenny in the Barrie area: Martin Kenny (m. Catherine Toole) of Tomacork; Mary Kenny (m. Michael Byrne) of Kilcavan; Catherine Kenny (m. John Kavanagh) of Parkmore; Sarah Connors (widow of John Myers) of Carnew (she became Martin Kenny's second wife); Margaret Doyle (m. Martin Murphy) of Parkmore; Ann Doyle (m. Patrick Shannon) of Hillbrooke; Margaret Doyle (m. William Byrne) of Coolfancy; John Heffernan (m. Sally Tompkins) of Coolroe; Sarah Heffernan (m. Patrick Moore) of Ballykelly. About 1856, John Balfe (m. Alice Dobbs) of Hillbrooke, and Patrick Murphy (m. Julia Dobbs) of Parkmore, [iv] (who had earlier settled near Smiths Falls, Ontario) having heard of the good land near Barrie, came to join their former Wicklow neighbors there. Myles Kenny's story has a very sad ending, however. In July 1838, nine of his children died in a single day from mushroom poisoning, and it is said that their coffins were constructed and set out on the Kenny farm's front lawn. There was no Catholic cemetery in Barrie at the time, and the children were likely buried at the farm's lot line, as was the custom at the time. Today, they are memorialized in a stone next to that of their parents in St. Mary's Cemetery, Barrie.

Myles Kenny died on January 11, 1874 in Vespra Township, Simcoe County, Ontario. Despite the terrible tragedy in Myles Kenny's family, it is most consoling to uncover the web of family relationships in these two Ontario communities— relationships that made the emigres' arrival in this country a bit less daunting. For the most part, the lives of the people from southwest Wicklow who moved to Ontario appear to have been successful. Many developed large farms and some became prominent in their communities. These successes are inspiring to report, as one reads that heartbreaking line attached to the Fitzwilliam emigration record for so many of their tenants: "house to be pulled down.” ___________________________________________ End Notes [I] Bruce S. Elliott, The McCabe List: Early Irish in the Ottawa Valley, Toronto: The Ontario Genealogical Society, 2002 [II] National Archives, Government of Canada: Census of 1851 [III] Jim Rees, CD-ROM, Fitzwilliam Tenants Listed in the Coolattin Estate Emigration, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, 1847-1856, Haberfield, Australia: Clever Cat Genealogy; CD created by Henry Lebovic, Cara Links, and Deborah Coogan. [IV] Jim Rees, CD-ROM, Fitzwilliam Tenants Listed in the Coolattin Estate Emigration, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, 1847-1856, Haberfield, Australia: Clever Cat Genealogy; CD created by Henry Lebovic, Cara Links, and Deborah Coogan. [V] Fitzwilliam Manuscripts, NLI, Dublin August 31, 2016: The CD-ROM listed above (footnotes III and IV) is available at the BIFHSGO Library at 100 Tallwood, corner of Woodroffe Avenue, in Ottawa. The Call Number is "CD-ROM 001022" Fitzwilliam Tenants Listed in the Coolattin Estate Emigration, County Wicklow, Ireland 1847-56, Lebovic, Henry; Links, Cara; Coogan, Deborah. ... Al
May 5, 2007: Anne has sent in this link to a map showing the Civil Parishes in County Wicklow. A cluster of Fitzwilliam Settlers settled in Marlborough Township, Carleton County.
August 19, 2007: Map showing the settlement of Fitzwilliam Estate assisted emigrant families in our part of Eastern Ontario. The numbers in red on the map are the number of families.
October 6, 2007: Anne has contributed some of her research to the Ireland Genealogical Project, Wicklow Page. She is reconstructing an 1839 census for residents of some of the townlands on the Fitzwilliam Estates, using tenant listings for Aghold, Ardoyne, Coolboy and Kilcavan Townlands. She also has posted a table of emigrants from Wicklow to various parts of Ontario. These emigrants left the Fitzwilliam Estates between 1846 and 1855.
November 10, 2007: See also Anne's page regarding Emigration to Eastern Ontario from Ballynultagh and Ballyraheen, County Wicklow, 1847-1856
February 5, 2008: See also: http://www.rootsweb.com:80/irlwic2/people_from_wicklow_in_canada/fitzwilliam_emigrants.htm
April 7, 2008: See also: Emigration from Killinure Parish, County Wicklow, Ireland, to the Belleville, Ontario, Canada area. And, County Wicklow settlers near Poonamalie Lock (close to Smiths Falls)

October 23, 2010: In September of 2010, Anne Burgess made a trip to Ireland and visited the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow. Here are some photographs taken at Minmore, County Wicklow. And some of the Bridge of Tears at Moyacomb, County Wicklow.
April 21, 2011: MaryEllen Sherry is researching here John Doyle and Mary Ryan ancestors who sailed from New Ross in 1851 aboard the ship Glenlyon.
August 25, 2016: Updated URL from Anne Burgess Hi Al, I've just come upon a website that seems to transcribe every word from the Fitzwilliam CD: http://www.countywicklowheritage.org/documents/Microsoft_Word_Fitzwilliam.Est.pdf ... Anne _____________________________ Hi Anne: Thanks very much for this. Jim Rees' book Surplus People is difficult to find now. It originally came with a companion CD listing the names of the families who came to Canada from the Fitzwilliam Estate, 1846-1854. Many of the used copies of the book, available for purchase on the Internet, do not include the CD of names. Your links are good to have. In addition to the table of names above, Anne has another list of Wicklow Emigrants who settled in Southern Ontario (Toronto to Barrie area) ... Al
January 26, 2012: Hi Al, This map shows the boundaries of Annacurra and Kilavey Catholic parish (the civil parish is Kilcommon), and you can see that it takes in the land above Tomacork RC parish (Hillbrooke, Coolroe, etc.) and that it's bordered on the west by Ballynultagh, etc. (Clonmore RC parish), that sent so many families to the Bytown area. I'm hoping the records of this parish will solve some outstanding mysteries for us. ... Anne
Map showing Annacurra and Kilavey , County Wicklow, Ireland, RC parish. The civil parish is Kilcommon
Map showing Annacurran and Kilavey , County Wicklow, Ireland, RC parish. The civil parish is Kilcommon

I'm about to embark on the final draft of my new book, Leinster to Lanark, and I wonder if you'd be kind enough to place a posting on 'what's new' on Bytown or Bust, please? The book deals with the families on the Elly list, many of whom came to the Ottawa Valley in the period 1817-1830. While a majority settled in Lanark County, others came to Leeds and Carleton. In due course, some families moved on to other counties, such as Bruce, Huron, Lambton, Renfrew etc. I'd like to hear from anyone whose family is on the Elly list. Also from anyone whose kin came in that period from the counties of Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford and Wicklow. Although extensive research has been done over a period of several years, and many people have been contacted, there may still be useful data out there. Regards Carol Bennett McCuaig ____________________________ The book Leinster to Lanark (above) has been acquired by the Library of the Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, ISBN 978-0-919137-38-7.
Phoebe Dagg, from Aghole, County Wicklow Source: Across the Waters: Ontario Immigrants' Experiences, 1820-1850, by France Hoffman and Ryan Taylor, ISBN 1-894378-0106, page 107, Global Heritage Press, 1999
Phoebe Dagg from Aghole, County Wicklow

New March 27, 2020: This map is from the book A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland by Brian Mitchell, Second Edition, ISBN 0-8063-1684-5, 2002, page 175.
Roman Catholic Parishes of County Wicklow, Ireland

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