Emigration from Killinure Townland, County Wicklow, Ireland
to the Belleville, Ontario, Canada area, c. 1850
also to Camden East Township, Ontario

March 17, 2013:

Come Home to Wicklow
Happy St. Patrick's Day from County Wicklow, in Ireland, the home of your ancestors. We invite you to attend Canada Come Home, County Wicklow's Flagship Gathering Event September 13-15, on the Coollattin Estate for a lively weekend of history, genealogy, walks in the Wicklow countryside, and lots more! Its a great year to visit Ireland. Hope to see you there. And if you can't make the September weekend, you're welcome to come to 'The Garden of Ireland' anytime. Just let us know when and we'll make sure you have a memorable visit. All the best from The Canada Come Home Team. E-mail The Canada Come Home Team Canada Come Home Web Site The Gathering - Ireland, 2013
From what I can see, Killinure townland reconstituted itself in the area around Camden, Ontario, (nearby Hungerford is in Hastings county): ... Anne Burgess Name of TenantFromSettled In
BYRNE, Patrick and DEEGAN, Alice Killinure Belleville, ON
DEEGAN, James and WHELAN, Catherine KillinureBelleville, ON
DEEGAN, William and DOYLE, CatherineKillinureBelleville, ON
CASSIDY, Samuel and HUGHES, MaryKillinureCamden, ON
DOYLE, Patrick and CatherineKillinureCamden, ON
FLEMING, JoannaKillinureCamden, ON
KAVANAGH, John; Ann; Catherine;KillinureCamden, ON
CASSIDY, John and HARMON, BridgetKillinureHungerford, ON
CASSIDY, Thomas and FOLEY, BridgetKillinureHungerford, ON
CASSIDY, William and DUNN, MaryKillinureHungerford, ON
FENLON, William and DOYLE, BridgetKillinureHungerford, ON
FLEMING, Patrick and McGRATH, MaryKillinureHungerford, ON
HEALY / HEALEY, Bridget MORAN; Lawrence; DenisKillinureHungerford, ON
HEALY, William and KEHOE, Elizabeth; Michael; Mary Anne; John; Peter; Sally; Pat; TomKillinureHungerford, ON
KAVANAGH, AnnKillinureHungerford, ON
McGRATH, JamesKillinureHungerford, ON
McGRATH, JohnKillinureHungerford, ON
McGRATH, NicholasKillinureHungerford, ON
HEALY / HEALEY, Thomas; DavidKillinureKingston, ON & Wolfe Island, ON
BURKET / BURKETT, John and KINSELLA, ElizabethKillinureSheffield, ON
LAWLOR, Morgan and WELSH / WALSH, CatherineKillinureSheffield, ON
MURPHY, Michael and BYRNE, MaryKillinureSheffield, ON
WALSH, John and BURKETT, AnnKillinureSheffield, ON
February 5, 2012: Here is another immigrant in 1847 to Camden Township. Bartholomew O'Connor and his wife, Margaret Doyle, came from County Wexford, Ireland (adjacent to County Wicklow).
New December 12, 2016: The book The Untold Story: The Irish in Canada, edited by Robert O'Driscoll and Lorna Reynolds, Celtic Arts of Canada, Toronto, 1988, ISBN 0-921745-00-1, contains the following research paper by Julian Gwyn, pages 355-375: The Irish in the Napanee River Valley: Camden East Township (Ontario), 1851-1881. Here we can trace population trends, land settlement issues and poverty -- the poverty element is over-represented by Irish Catholic famine immigrants from 'Black 47. Many of those who came to Camden Township are related to the Irish settlers who came to the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area (especially to Gloucester and Osgoode Townships) from the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow (see link below).
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